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MAISON CAULIÈRES Frimas Délicat Ultra Hydrating Hand Cream

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FRIMAS DÉLICAT; Ultra-moisturizing hand cream.

FRIMAS DÉLICAT; Ultra-moisturizing hand cream.

Returns youth to the hands, hydration, repair and long-lasting nutrition.

Silk veil effect on the hands

Creamy and enveloping non-greasy texture

Main assets: shea butter, squalene, Maison Caulière oil complex *

Citrus notes with a musky background, a delicate fragrance inspired by the purity of snow, evoking the purest comfort and protection.

Indications for use: apply with a light massage to promote greater penetration of the active ingredients.

As an intensive cure, apply a greater amount of mask effect and put on 20 ‘warm gloves, creating a veil of repair.

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