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At SHA we seek to offer you a 100% healthy, natural, energetic and balanced nutrition, focused to be flexible, practical and atractive, respecting what nature offers each moment of the year and every place, offering ecologic natural products as well as respecting our environment.

“Let food be your medicine and medicine your food”

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    Rice Choco Drink 200MlNutrition

    Rice Choco Drink 200Ml

    3,00 VAT Included
    Rice Drink 200MlNutrition

    Rice Drink 200Ml

    2,00 VAT Included
    Apple Cracker 24GrNutrition

    Apple Cracker 24Gr

    6,50 VAT Included
    Beet Cracker 24GrNutrition

    Beet Cracker 24Gr

    4,00 VAT Included
    Pumpkin Cracker 24GrNutrition

    Pumpkin Cracker 24Gr

    4,00 VAT Included
    Strawberry Cracker 238GrNutrition

    Strawberry Cracker 238Gr

    6,50 VAT Included
    Sweet Potatoe Cracker 108GrNutrition

    Sweet Potatoe Cracker 108Gr

    6,50 VAT Included
    Umeboshi PasteNutrition

    Umeboshi Paste

    16,00 VAT Included
    Umeboshi Plums 200GrNutrition

    Umeboshi Plums 200Gr

    22,00 VAT Included
    Shiro Miso 400GrNutrition

    Shiro Miso 400Gr

    9,00 VAT Included
    Genmai Miso 400GrNutrition

    Genmai Miso 400Gr

    11,00 VAT Included
    Rice Miso 300 GrNutrition

    Rice Miso 300 Gr

    11,00 VAT Included
    Barley Miso 300GrNutrition

    Barley Miso 300Gr

    11,00 VAT Included
    Hatcho Miso 300GrNutrition

    Hatcho Miso 300Gr

    11,00 VAT Included
    Instant Miso SoupNutrition

    Instant Miso Soup

    10,00 VAT Included
    Goji Berries 120GrNutrition

    Goji Berries 120Gr

    12,00 VAT Included
    Agar Agar Flakes 30GrNutrition

    Agar Agar Flakes 30Gr

    9,00 VAT Included
    Brown Ricce Mochi 300GrNutrition

    Brown Ricce Mochi 300Gr

    13,00 VAT Included
    Shiso Sheep In PowderNutrition

    Shiso Sheep In Powder

    9,00 VAT Included
    Tekka 80GrNutrition

    Tekka 80Gr

    10,00 VAT Included
    Ginger Pickles 60GrNutrition

    Ginger Pickles 60Gr

    7,00 VAT Included
    Bardana Dried Root - 65 GNutrition

    Bardana Dried Root – 65 G

    6,00 VAT Included
    Sengiri Daikon 100GrNutrition

    Sengiri Daikon 100Gr

    6,00 VAT Included
    Gomasio 240 GrNutrition

    Gomasio 240 Gr

    7,00 VAT Included

    Kuzu 125 Gr

    11,00 VAT Included


    7,00 VAT Included
    Caffeol 125GrNutrition

    Caffeol 125Gr

    8,00 VAT Included

    Rice Syrup 460 Gr

    9,00 VAT Included
    Brown Ricce Amasake 380GrNutrition

    Brown Ricce Amasake 380Gr

    10,00 VAT Included
    Millet Amasake 370GrNutrition

    Millet Amasake 370Gr

    10,00 VAT Included
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