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At SHA we seek to offer you a 100% healthy, natural, energetic and balanced nutrition, focused to be flexible, practical and atractive, respecting what nature offers each moment of the year and every place, offering ecologic natural products as well as respecting our environment.

“Let food be your medicine and medicine your food”

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    Apricot Jam 320GrNutrition

    Apricot Jam 320Gr

    5,00 VAT Included
    Blueberry Jam 320GrNutrition

    Blueberry Jam 320Gr

    7,00 VAT Included
    Strawberry Jam 320GrNutrition

    Strawberry Jam 320Gr

    6,00 VAT Included
    Fruit Puree Pear 2X100GrNutrition

    Fruit Puree Pear 2X100Gr

    4,00 VAT Included
    Fruit Puree Apple&Blueberries 2X100GrNutrition

    Fruit Puree Apple&Blueberries 2X100Gr

    4,00 VAT Included
    Fruit Puree Apple&Apricot 2X100GrNutrition

    Fruit Puree Apple&Apricot 2X100Gr

    4,00 VAT Included
    Fruit Puree Apple & Strawberry 2X100GrNutrition

    Fruit Puree Apple & Strawberry 2X100Gr

    4,00 VAT Included
    Red Lentils 500GrNutrition

    Red Lentils 500Gr

    4,00 VAT Included
    Cous-Cous Whole Wheat 500GrNutrition

    Cous-Cous Whole Wheat 500Gr

    4,00 VAT Included
    Millet 500GrNutrition

    Millet 500Gr

    4,00 VAT Included
    Chickpeas 500GrNutrition

    Chickpeas 500Gr

    5,00 VAT Included
    Bulgur 500GrNutrition

    Bulgur 500Gr

    4,00 VAT Included
    Azuki 500GrNutrition

    Azuki 500Gr

    4,00 VAT Included
    Black Soybeans 500GrNutrition

    Black Soybeans 500Gr

    5,00 VAT Included
    Soba Noodles 200GrNutrition

    Soba Noodles 200Gr

    6,00 VAT Included
    Udon Noodles 200GrNutrition

    Udon Noodles 200Gr

    5,00 VAT Included
    Rye For Sprouting 500GrNutrition

    Rye For Sprouting 500Gr

    2,00 VAT Included
    Whole Grain Oat 500GrNutrition

    Whole Grain Oat 500Gr

    3,00 VAT Included
    Buckwheat 500GrNutrition

    Buckwheat 500Gr

    5,00 VAT Included
    Hulled Barley 500GrNutrition

    Hulled Barley 500Gr

    3,00 VAT Included
    Toasted Nori Snack 3 PacksNutrition

    Toasted Nori Snack 3 Packs

    4,00 VAT Included
    Shiitake 40GrNutrition

    Shiitake 40Gr

    9,00 VAT Included
    Wakame With Shiitake 100GrNutrition

    Wakame With Shiitake 100Gr

    12,00 VAT Included
    Kombu Seaweed 100GrNutrition

    Kombu Seaweed 100Gr

    10,00 VAT Included
    Quick Kombu Seaweed 100GrNutrition

    Quick Kombu Seaweed 100Gr

    11,00 VAT Included
    Organic Seaweed Salad 50GrNutrition

    Organic Seaweed Salad 50Gr

    10,00 VAT Included
    Wakame Seaweed 50GrNutrition

    Wakame Seaweed 50Gr

    7,00 VAT Included
    Mori Seaweed 25GrNutrition

    Mori Seaweed 25Gr

    9,00 VAT Included
    Arame Seaweed 50GrNutrition

    Arame Seaweed 50Gr

    9,00 VAT Included
    Hijiki Seaweed 50GrNutrition

    Hijiki Seaweed 50Gr

    9,00 VAT Included