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A selection of products of the most recognized brands who allow you whose natural ingredients allow you to look  after you hair and skin, with a very high concentration of active principles.  The results are endorsed by the best laboratories worl wide, thanks to the investigation and innovation in the Demoesthetic and Cosmotelogical areas.

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”

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    Eyebrow Renewing SerumCosmetics

    Eyebrow Renewing Serum

    202,00 VAT Included
    EyeZone Conditioning Care ComplexCosmetics

    EyeZone Conditioning Care Complex

    50,00 VAT Included
    Eclipse SPF 50+ WR 90ml Beige TintedFacial

    Eclipse SPF 50+ WR 90ml Beige Tinted

    57,00 VAT Included
    Out of stock

    Eclipse SPF 50+ WR 90ml

    55,00 VAT Included
    Extreme Protect SPF 30 - 100mlFacial

    Extreme Protect SPF 30 – 100ml

    89,00 VAT Included
    White Lightening Serum 30mlFacial

    White Lightening Serum 30ml

    169,00 VAT Included
    White Lightening Complex 30mlFacial

    White Lightening Complex 30ml

    185,00 VAT Included
    Hydra-Intensive Cooling Mask 120 grFacial

    Hydra-Intensive Cooling Mask 120 gr

    123,00 VAT Included
    Cleansing Complex 60mlFacial

    Cleansing Complex 60ml

    34,00 VAT Included
    Cleansing Complex 180mlFacial

    Cleansing Complex 180ml

    51,00 VAT Included

    Cream Cleanser 180ml

    65,00 VAT Included
    Copper Firming Mist 75mlFacial

    Copper Firming Mist 75ml

    50,00 VAT Included
    Out of stock
    Tri-Active Exfoliant 50gr

    Tri-Active Exfoliant 50gr

    79,00 VAT Included
    Neckperfect Complex 50mlFacial

    Neckperfect Complex 50ml

    123,00 VAT Included
    Active Serum 30mlFacial

    Active Serum 30ml

    149,00 VAT Included
    Pro-Heal Serum 30mlFacial

    Pro-Heal Serum 30ml

    169,00 VAT Included
    Poly-Vitamin Serum 30mlFacial

    Poly-Vitamin Serum 30ml

    129,00 VAT Included
    Super Serum Advance+ 30mlFacial

    Super Serum Advance+ 30ml

    179,00 VAT Included
    Youth Complex 30mlFacial

    Youth Complex 30ml

    210,00 VAT Included
    Hydra-cool Serum 30mlFacial

    Hydra-cool Serum 30ml

    115,00 VAT Included
    Youth Serum 30mlFacial

    Youth Serum 30ml

    195,00 VAT Included
    Reparative Moisture Emulsion 50grFacial

    Reparative Moisture Emulsion 50gr

    119,00 VAT Included
    Moisturizing Complex 50grFacial

    Moisturizing Complex 50gr

    105,00 VAT Included
    C-Eye Advance 15mlFacial

    C-Eye Advance 15ml

    74,00 VAT Included
    Body Complex 180grFacial

    Body Complex 180gr

    79,00 VAT Included
    Youth Eye Complex 15grFacial

    Youth Eye Complex 15gr

    125,00 VAT Included

    Youth Intensive Cream

    249,00475,00 VAT Included
    Sheald Recovery Balm 60grFacial

    Sheald Recovery Balm 60gr

    89,00 VAT Included
    Eye Complex 15grFacial

    Eye Complex 15gr

    95,00 VAT Included
    The Extreme Neck & Decollete Solution 50 mlFacial

    The Extreme Neck & Decollete Solution 60 ml

    535,00 VAT Included