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Weight Loss Intensive treatment

Intensive Detox + Weight Loss Programme



The main aim of this programme, which blends two approaches (weight loss and cleansing), is to kick-start the body’s recovery process, but without allowing this combination to cut corners and obtain more impressive shortterm results. Achieve weight loss in a healthy way while also carrying out a process of cleansing and purifying the body to obtain overall results and an optimum state of health.

Ascertain the body’s level of oxidative stress by performing specific tests with a view to taking corrective measures. Learn new healthy eating habits in order to optimise natural detoxification mechanisms and achieve weight loss that can be maintained over time.


Length: Minimum 7 days | Recommended 14 days

  •  Minimum 7 days
  • Recommended 14 days
  • Detox and revitalise the body
  • Promote healthy weight-loss