Personalized diets

SHA offers three different types of healthy menu (SHA, Biolight and Kushi) in order to meet all of our guests’ needs and goals. These menus are different every day at lunch and dinner. With the help of our expert consultants in healthy nutrition, they are customised to suit each of our guests’ particular needs.

The three types of diet are adapted to the seasons, making an effort to use cereals, legumes, vegetables, fish and cooking methods that are best suited to each season, with organic and seasonal food. Furthermore, it should be noted none of our menus include certain foodstuffs such as meat, eggs, dairy products, sugar or other artificial sweeteners, solanaceae (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and aubergines), or very hot spices.

  • dieta-sha 
    Our gastronomic menu is very comprehensive. It is intended for those who are visiting SHA and who wish to learn about a healthier diet without compromising on the amount of food nor their gourmet tastes. Although it also follows the principles of the SHA diet and healthy nutrition, the menu is noteworthy for how well all of the dishes in it are prepared and the attention to detail in them.

    Lunch and dinner both include a starter, a choice between two main courses (usually one with fish and the other with whole-grain pasta) and a dessert.

  • biolight-diet

    This is the intermediate version of the SHA diet, designed for those who wish to use their time in SHA to take a bit more care of themselves than usual and learn about healthy eating and the benefits it brings, without setting themselves detox or weight control goals that are too strict. It is the gastronomic menu we normally recommend for our guests who come with other health programmes such as for anti-stress, anti-tobacco or rejuvenation. Lunch includes a starter, a main course and a dessert (if desired), whereas dinner only includes the first and second courses.

    This menu is part of a healthier diet and its ingredients usually include fish three times a week and pasta twice a week, while allowing for a sparing use of oil and nuts.



    This is our strictest and most restrictive gastronomic diet, but this does not mean it is less healthy. It is recommended for those who aim to control their weight or intensively detoxify their body. It has smaller portions and also does not include certain healthy ingredients like oil, baked flour, nuts, pasta or oats. A little salt is also added. Fish is only included once a week and the diet is characteristic for including a lot of algae and hearty soups like miso that help cleanse the body and provide energy and vitality.
  • SHA-Cuisine-te
    Let our professionals guide you through the exciting world of teas and natural juices so you can savour the health drink most suited to each individual at a given time.

    In SHA we offer a wide selection of health drinks specifically tailored by our professionals to help you achieve your health and wellness goals: apple juice with kuzu, sweet vegetable tea, Mu tea, Kukicha or 3-year tea, bancha tea, agar agar tea, azuki bean tea, kombu tea, daikon tea, mugicha tea, shiitake tea, ume-sho kuzu tea…we have an extensive list of natural, healthy teas to suit all tastes and needs.