The SHA Diet

The products used in creating our dishes are carefully chosen, taking into account the seasons, the quality and the combination of ingredients to create an energizing, restoring, healthy and very tasty experience of haute cuisine

SHA Wellness Clinic’s healthy nutrition seeks to introduce eating habits into our guests’ lifestyle that are capable of rebalancing the body, boosting its ability to restore itself. It takes into account the basic, ancient principles of macrobiotics, adapting them to modern times while considering the best that nature can provide at all times, taking into account the seasons and adapting the principles according to each individual’s needs. Moreover, it has the backing of experts with many years of experience who have also spent several years studying and training. 

This type of nutrition is supported by studies conducted by the most prestigious universities in the world and is very different from what most people eat today. For centuries, this nutrition has helped to improve people’s health. Several thousands of people have been to SHA and discovered a simple, natural and excellent way to establish and restore health, with every detail being carefully checked in preparing it.


Healthy menus


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