Caring for the environment



SHA Wellness Clinic has set up an organic orchard with the Town Council of Alfàs del Pi where the majority of the food used in the Shamadi restaurant is grown, and it is also used as a hands-on classroom for guests, where they are told about the importance of what we eat and how our diet can positively or negatively affect our health.


Since it was established, SHA has clearly been committed to caring for the environment, becoming actively involved in the conservation of our precious natural resources. We have come up with numerous initiatives, policies and practices to use on a daily basis and develop in the future, in line with a type of environmental responsibility that has an ethical approach. Not wanting to hold up progress or conform, new innovative green initiatives are continually being assessed for on-going improvement and to look after our greatest treasure, the planet.

Our commitment won us the  “Premio Verde” (Green Award) from the José Navarro foundation in 2009. The designs of all the buildings that make up the SHA Wellness Clinic were based on the natural balance with our surroundings, designed in such a way that energy and water is saved and the materials chosen are cared for.