José Luis Aarab

aarabJose Luis Aarab Magaña is the osteopathic expert at the SHA Wellness Clinic. He was born in 1967 in the French city of Toulon, but spent his childhood and adolescence in Andalusia. After finishing his studies in management in 1987, José Luis spent two years travelling to develop and finance his vocation as a therapist and to learn the best corporal techniques from Europe and countries such as Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt and Morocco. In the African Mediterranean, he learned about hammanes, the Roman and ancient Greek legacy in terms of working with the body.

 He later travelled to Sri Lanka, where he was taught traditional techniques and therapies, and in 1990 he returned to Spain, where he studied traditional Chinese medicine, reflexology, reiki, massage, nutrition and osteopathy in major Spanish schools. In addition, José Luis has taught natural medicine in Valencia and is a member of Cofenat, the largest association of natural therapy professionals in Spain. In the SHA Wellness Clinic, José Luis is responsible for the ​​osteopathy area, giving natural, holistic therapy that treats the body as a whole.