Dr. Juan Rubio
Expert in Nutrition and Biological Medicine


Dr Juan Rubio specializes in nutrition and preventive medicine and is one of our most prestigious experts. A doctor in Medicine and Surgery, a member of the Spanish Foundation of Aesthetic Medicine and Longevity and a member of Médicos Mundi, Dr Rubio is also an expert in biological medicine and has given continuous education primarily in the field of Oriental medicine and macrobiotics. In addition to being an expert on macrobiotics, he is a renowned homeopath and acupuncturist, a specialist in anti-homotoxic medicine, Japanese osteopathy and Shiatsu-Seitai. He is especially noted for his passion for a healthy diet and his great knowledge about digestive diseases. His extensive education is only comparable to his skills gained over nearly 40 years of professional experience as a doctor. A professor of Oriental techniques for over 15 years, he has collaborated with the Kushi Institute in various cities throughout the country. 

Dr Juan Rubio is a professional in macrobiotic medicine, nutrition and natural therapies. As the experienced forerunner in a discipline that is still unknown to many, he has participated as a speaker at numerous seminars and presentations for various associations and academic institutions about biological, holistic and oriental medicine and nutrition. Furthermore, he has collaborated in many kinds of media, including specialist journals and radio and television interviews on nutrition and health. In addition, Dr Rubio is a clinical acupuncturist and an expert in iris diagnosis and moxibustion. He has been educated in underwater and hyperbaric medicine, in homeopathic and naturopathic medicine, and in non-invasive aesthetic medicine aimed at anti-aging.