SHA Academy

At SHA Wellness Clinic health and well-being are also embodied in the programmed events so that the time spent here is even more enriching, if this is indeed possible. Seminars, conferences, group activities, art exhibitions… everything necessary to make the SHA experience a healthy and interesting meeting point.

At SHA we have a treasure, namely, health and beauty, although our vocation is to share it with our guests. To this end, we have created the SHA Academy, a daily programme of group activities that will make your stay unforgettable. Talks, exercises, outings and conferences, organized in groups free of charge, so that your stay at SHA progresses happily, with results, good experiences, friendships from many countries and knowledge that enables you continue on with a healthier SHA life at home.

Moreover, if you wish, you can also make reservations to do these classes in private, one-on-one with our specialists.

  • Healthy cooking classes


    To eat healthily, the best thing to do is to learn how to cook in the healthiest way possible. Our h

    ealthy cooking experts share their best recipes and tips to incorporate key ingredients in our daily cooking, so that our guests can follow the healthy nutrition guidelines that we share in SHA when they are back at home. Simple and healthy recipes, desserts made without sugar or refined flour, delicious snacks or drinks made from natural ingredients that help us feel better. You can learn more about healthy cooking on our : SHA blog that is full of healthy recipes y healthy recipes step by step.




  • Yoga class

    Yoga is an old physical and mental discipline used as a way to get in touch with ourselves. Yoga helps find the perfect balance, adjust energies and emotions through deep breathing.

    Yoga trains our body (through the asanas or postures) and our mind (through breathing control or the pranayama), which prepares us for meditation (dhyana). 

    Therefore, yoga consists in exercises made up of controlled synchronized movements made in harmony with our breathing to develop flexibility, balance and more muscle definition.

    Yoga enables the mind to become aware of abilities, limitations, strengths and weaknesses to improve both our physical and also our mental state of health.

  • Tai Chi class


    Tai Chi Chuan or Tai Ji Quan –also known as Tai chi- is ancient martial art of relaxation that reduces stress, anxiety and improves our flexibility and balance with the mind.

    Tai Chi is a holistic art that unites body and mind by establishing the correct balance between both.

    The art of tai chi is based on the harmonious combination of its three fundamentals: body movement, awareness and focus on ourselves and conscious breathing to perform meditation in motion, that establish the connection between body searches , mind and spirit, bringing multiple health benefits.

  • Introduction or the practice of meditation techniques

    SHA Meditation class

    Although we might think that meditating is a way to escape from it all, our experts in yoga and meditation at SHA Wellness Clinic explain that “meditating is becoming aware of what you do in your daily routine and how you do it; paying full attention to body and mind. Meditation has nothing to do with time but rather with existing”. The body is the voice of an emotional system that can only express itself through the mind. As the mind and body belong to the same person, the benefits of one produce benefits for the other.

    Among the numerous benefits of learning to meditate, it guarantees a greater sensation of relaxation and well-being. Dedicating a few minutes a day to relaxing through reflection and meditation enables us to rebalance the mind, body and spirit.


  • Stretching


    Over time, with work and activity, the muscles and the tendons get weaker and lose their flexibility. Stretching on a regular basis helps us control the loss of muscle mass and it improves the strength and the elasticity of the tendons; it also favours the lubricating capacity of the joints, which in turn prevents the premature aging of our body. The beneficial stretching techniques are highly recommendable for elite athletes –to enhance their results- and also for the general public, to avoid common backache, for example.

    It is powerful weapon against aging as it helps avoid the typical bad postures of a sedentary lifestyle. Moreover, stretching out properly is essential before and after exercise to prevent injuries and improve the expected results.

  • Pranayama breathing techniques

    Clase de yoga 12

    Learning to breathe properly can be the greatest source of energy and vitality that human beings have. There is a correlation between the emotional states and breathing. With this class you will learn easy breathing exercises that will help you consciously control your breathing to revitalize your whole being. Prana means energy and it is universal. 

    Literature on yoga says that if breathing is controlled, prana is at peace.

    Breathing is the central point of yoga and using it properly is also essential for other areas of our life. There are many people who are not even aware that they do not breathe properly and this directly affects their health and impairs their quality of life.


  • Nordic Walking

    Nordic Walking is a simple discipline, created by the medical community and sports professionals. It has numerous benefits for our health and it significantly improves our physical and mental condition, in an effective and controlled way.

    Nordic walking consists in walking briskly with the help of poles in such a way that it improves our aerobic capacity, the maximum consumption of oxygen, physical and mental stamina, etc.

    At SHA Wellness Clinic this activity takes place outdoors in the unique surroundings of the Sierra Helada Natural Park, so that SHA guests can get some exercise in whilst they enjoy an unforgettable walk in the heart of nature and the mountains with spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Padel


    Just like any other sport, padel tennis benefits our health in many ways. Not only does it make us fitter and help us burn the calories, to get us into shape, but it also improves our coordination, it makes us more agile and it improves our reflexes as it tones our body.

    As it is basically an aerobic sport, padel tennis helps improve our cardiovascular system and prevent heart diseases. 

    Padel tennis is based on short leg movements in all directions, good coordination and the use of both arms to hit the ball correctly and it is also distinguished by the anticipation of the opponent’s next shot, which is why, apart from developing proper hand and eye coordination, you also have to think fast and be alert.

    One of the main reasons why padel tennis has become so popular is because it is an easy game to play, you do not have to acquire a great deal of technique to enjoy it, just a few sessions are enough to reach an intermediate level and really have fun during the game.

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You can get to know the SHA healthy life style by taking part is any of our cooking, yoga or meditation video classes: