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Sha Wellness Clinic

Terms and Conditions

The confirmation of the reservation implies the acceptance of the following general rules and conditions:


Payment Terms and Conditions

At the time of confirming your reservation, you shall pay for 30% of the total amount corresponding to your accommodation, programmes, treatments and/or other services by credit card or by bank transfer. Furthermore, at the time of check-in, we will proceed to make a charge on your credit card for the remaining amount of the total contract.  If you do not have a credit card, payment must be made in cash or with a debit card.

You will be charged for the total costs incurred when your balance reaches the sum of 7000€ for Deluxe, Superior and Grand Suites, or 10000€ for Presidential and Royal Suites. This will happen every time your incurred expenses reach the mentioned amounts until the end of your stay.

Upon check-in, you will be asked for your credit card number to guarantee the payment of all the services, treatments or products that you require before and/or during your stay at SHA Wellness Clinic.

Forms of payment accepted are: cash, bank transfer to the account provided by SHA Wellness Clinic and authorized credit card. The term cash will be understood as paper money and legal tender currency in Spain. Card payments will be made in the guest’s own national currency unless expressly indicated otherwise, in which case payment will be charged in euros.

Pursuant to Law 7/2012 of October 29, on Prevention and Combat of Fraud, from November 20, 2012, and since SHA Wellness Clinic acts in its capacity as employer, transactions greater than € 2,499 Euros may not by paid in cash. However, this amount will have a limit of € 14,999 Euros when the payer is a legal person who can justify that its fiscal address is outside Spain and that he/she does not act as an entrepreneur or professional person.

For the calculation of the amounts indicated, the amounts of all transactions or payments that may have been split for the delivery of goods or services will be added.

Furthermore, should these conditions not be complied with, SHA Wellness Clinic is obliged to notify the relevant authorities.


Cancellation Policy and Reservation Modification

In case of cancellation of your stay, the penalties indicated below will apply, according to the moment of notification:

      – Any stay cancelled at least 21 days prior to the arrival will be fully refunded, except for the 3% corresponding to the administrative expenses of the deposit charged.

      – Any stay cancelled 20-15 days prior to date of arrival will have a penalty of 15% of the contracted stay, including services and treatments.

      – Any stay cancelled 14-8 days prior to date of arrival will have a penalty of 30% of the contracted stay, including services and treatments.

      – Any stay cancelled from 7 to 3 days prior to the arrival will have a penalty of 60% of the contracted stay, including services and treatments.

      – Any stay cancelled 2 days prior to the arrival or if the guest never appears, there will be a penalty of 100% of the contracted stay, including services and treatments.

Where appropriate to return a deposit paid by credit card, or part of it, and if more than 30 days have lapsed from the payment thereof, reimbursement may be made only by bank transfer to the account indicated by the guest.

The arrival day of a booking can be modified without any penalty when the guest gives notice at least 7 days before the original arrival day. If the guest modifies the arrival day less than 7 days before the original arrival day and the new arrival day is 48 hours before or after the original one, each guest in the booking will be fined 500€. In case the new arrival day exceeds the stipulated 48 hours, each guest in the booking will be fined 1.000€. Once the guest checks-in, in case of early departures the total contracted services will be charged, without the possibility of reimbursement or repayment.


Cancellation and Modification Policy for program and/or extra treatments

Pre-booked health programs are mandatory for all first time SHA guest.

The pre-contracted program can be modified by another program or it can be canceled and replaced by a la carte treatments without penalty up to 4 days before arrival.

Once this time limit has passed, the following penalties will be applied:

      In case of cancellation* or modification of programs of 4 days duration, a penalty of € 300 will be charged.

      In case of cancellation* or modification of 7-day programs, a penalty of € 500 will be charged.

      In case of cancellation* or modification of programs from 14 days of duration, a penalty of € 700 will be charged.

      *The programme can only be cancelled if changed for another programme or for a personalized a la carte treatments program.

The extra treatments and services contracted during the reservation process may be modified by other treatments and services, but may not be canceled, exception made for the 30% of the total amount of pre-booked treatments. The cancellation/modification must be requested before 18.00h the day previous to the treatment or service. In case the treatment or service is cancelled at timer other than the established ones, the full cost will be automatically charged to your account.


Facilities and Services

Check-in time is after 15.00h and departure before 12.00h. Should you leave the room after the hours set out above, the current applicable rate shall be automatically charged to your account.

Use of the Fitness Area and Hydrotherapy Circuit are at your responsibility, and you must avoid these if you have cardiovascular risks or if the medical staff advises against it.  Furthermore, it is not recommended to use without a SHA Wellness Clinic professional to guide and monitor you. In case of minors, they should make use thereof under the supervision of their parents and/or guardians. The opening hours of the Hydrotherapy Circuit are from 08.00h to 21.00h, being daily from 15.00h to 16.00h for female exclusive use only. The opening hours of the outdoor swimming-pool during the summertime, are from 09:00 a.m. until 07.30 p.m. According to hygienic regulations, it is mandatory to shower before every dive. Furthermore, for the nature of our facilities, these are not supervised by a lifeguard. The opening hours of the Fitness Area are from 07.30 am to 8.30 p.m.

One of the most important pillars of the SHA method is the healthy nutrition. Thus, full board is mandatory in all the bookings. Moreover, the restaurant services not enjoyed will not be refunded.

It is indispensable to have a consultation with one of our healthy nutrition experts if you want to have Kushi diet, medicinal teas or a fasting diet.  We invite you to attend your nutritional follow up appointments within your stay. That way your evolution will be dully monitored and you will optimize your diet results.

In case of using the parking service, this will be used only for parking, SHA Wellness Clinic declines any liability in case of fire, loss, theft or damage for whatever reason except in case of negligence by SHA staff. Likewise, no liability is assumed for damages resulting from brakes that are defective or in bad condition. In case of accident, the statement must be filed before the vehicle leaving the parking. Moreover, SHA Wellness Clinic is not responsible  for objects left inside the vehicle. The parking service entails a nominal daily charge.

The shuttle service provided by SHA Wellness Clinic will under no circumstance be responsible in any way for missed flights, as it is a mere transportation service from point to point. Also, you must report any irregularities in your flight in good time so as not to charge you 100% of the contracted services.

The official languages at SHA are Spanish and English. Should you need a translation into any other language during your stay, this is to be communicated in due time and at an additional cost.


Wellness Clinic Area Policy

Treatments and services included in your programme as well as treatments and services booked prior arrival, are non-refundable or exchangeable for other treatments or services. Only treatments and services that are advised against by our medical team may be replaced by others.

The cancellation/modification of those treatments and services which can be cancelled/modified must be requested before 18:00H the day previous to the treatment (subject to availability) at the Wellness Clinic Reception Area. In case the service is cancelled at times other than the established ones, the full cost of this service will be automatically charged to your account.

Any treatment or extra services not included in the programme will be charged to your account.

Should you need any medical or nursing services outside the regular opening hours of the Clinic Area, these will always be considered extra and charged to your account.

Extra clinical analysis will be paid for or authorized to be paid for prior to their performance; the laboratory process is only activated once you have signed the consent and in no case can it be cancelled or can you request a refund thereof.

Should you need hospital or medical care outside SHA, this shall be provided to you in a public or private Hospital or Clinic of your choice. All expenses incurred in your recovery or relief will always will be at your expense, as well as transport by ambulance or other means should this be required.

Some of the treatments offered by SHA, given their clinical component, may only be carried out after signing an informed consent.

Punctuality in appointments, treatments, services or medical consultations will be mandatory, the service ending at the scheduled time even in case of having started late due to a delay caused by the guest.

Any minors between 12 and 16 years old who wish to receive treatments in SHA are to present treatments authorizations forms signed by their parents/legal guardians prior to receiving the treatment.


Dress and Behavior Code

Nudism is prohibited in all public areas of SHA Wellness Clinic.

The use of a bathrobe is allowed all day, excluding at dinner times in the SHAmadi restaurant, where a casual yet elegant wear is recommended, not being allowed during the dinner the use of flip-flops, bermudas, shorts, sleeveless shirts, sportswear, swimsuit and all clothes that do not meet the specified characteristics. 

In compliance with current legal regulations, for your welfare and for that of the other guests, smoking is strictly forbidden in SHA Wellness Clinic facilities. All our suites are smoke free, so if our staff found evidence of tobacco in your suite, you will be charged € 500 for cleaning and odor elimination.

Silence and tranquility are essential values at SHA: to enjoy them, please keep noise levels to a minimum, extreme care between 2.00 pm and 4.00pm and from 10.00pm onwards.

If you use the TV or music, please choose a volume that is audible only in your suite. Similarly, it is forbidden to use mobile phones in public areas and it is mandatory to use headphones when using a tablet type devices and / or music players.

In order to maintain an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility, the minimum age for admission in SHA is 12 years of age. However, the Management may admit a child under that age, in exceptional cases, provided they are accompanied at all times by their parents and / or guardians and have a polite and respectful behavior. 

For children under 12 years of age, these will not have access to public areas, including the Wellness Clinic Area, Hydrotherapy Circuit, SHAmadi Restaurant, Swimming pool area, terraces and/or the Fitness Area. In case of non-compliance, incident or complaint by other guests the establishment must be abandoned.

Anyone younger than 12 to 16 years of age who wishes to use Hydrotherapy Circuit and/or Fitness Area, must be accompanied at all times by their parents and/or guardians.

You may visit SHA with a pet as long as it has a maximum weight of 5kg and under the responsibility of its owner, ensuring at all times that it does not cause any inconvenience to other guests.

The guest cannot walk the pet, access o stay in common areas with him, including, the Wellness Clinic Area, Hydrotherapy Circuit, SHAmadi Restaurant, Fitness area, swimming-pools and terraces or use of elevators. 

In case of default, you will have to accommodate your pet outside the SHA Wellness Clinic facilities; otherwise, your reservation will be cancelled after payment of 100% thereof. This service has an additional daily cost. Likewise, the owner will response will be liable for any damage caused by the pet.