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Stress Relief & Corporate

Achieve inner balance and remove the chaotic pace of everyday life that strains the body.

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Corporate Wellness

Our mission at SHA is to create positive, substantial, and lasting change to your health and well-being, in order to achieve your total balance. For this, we have strived to improve each one of these programmes in response to the requirements and needs of our guests.

In this context we decide to create the Corporate Wellness, a selection of specialized programmes designed to encourage the well-being culture in companies.

These programmes are recommended for senior management teams and its main objective is helping the professionals to combine working on strategic and unity objectives with fine tuning that allows them to keep giving their best with the most vitality, health and balance.

There are three different approaches based on the well-being objectives that the company wants to enhance: individual, group or personalized (individual or group) approach. Each programme includes a selection of specific treatments for each specific purpose.

The duration recommended to achieve a real health result is minimum 4days. However, we strongly recommend at least 7 days to achieve significant results in a long term.

Bussiness Reset Programme
(recommended 4 days)
Stress Management Programme
(recommended 7 days)
SHA Discovery Programme
(recommended 4 days)
Tailor-made Programme
(minimum 4 days · suitable 7 days)
Stress Relief & Corporate


In SHA is possible to realise a Corporate Wellness Programme adapted to your necessities and company health aims.

We offer an exclusive combination of treatments that bring together natural therapies with highly therapeutic nutrition and the latest advances in Western medicine.

A personalised combination to the corporative needs and health objectives for the staff in order to increase their productivity.

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Stress Relief & Corporate

Business Reset

Ideal for increase the productivity of senior management teams. It helps them to encourage the acquisition of healthy living habits both within and outside of the company, promoting looking after ourselves as an added value.

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Stress Relief & Corporate

Stress Management



Reduce chronic stress levels accumulated in the body and identify situations contributing to raising them, with the aim of reducing adverse symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia, anxiety and irritability. All this contributes to restoring optimum levels of health and energy. Identify how the body and mind react to stressful situations and learn to manage them more effectively, by acquiring new lifestyle habits and learning how to maintain the balanced state obtained over time.


Length: 7 days

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To learn new, healthy lifestyle habits, and to continue the learning process after the individual returns home, thanks to the knowledge and healthy lifestyle habits acquired at SHA. To achieve a state of perfect relaxation and disconnection in a conducive setting.


Length: 4 days

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