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  Anti – Tobacco      

7 days

4.000 €
Anti-Tobacco programme

Anti – Tobacco


To encourage the motivation to tackle tobacco addiction in order to stop consuming it in a na- tural, healthy and controlled way, restoring correct body function and preventing possible side effects caused by abstinence, such as weight fluctuation and mood swings.

To develop strategies adapted to patients’ physical and mental states, in order to learn healthy habits that enable them to strengthen their resolve to quit smoking and so prevent possible relapses.

Recommended for

Individuals who want to stop smoking and not only improve their state of health but also make substantial lifestyle changes at all levels: physical, mental and nutritional


With the guidance and advice from our team of professionals, the aim is to tackle the addiction using individualised techniques depending on each guest’s needs. This is achieved by:

Detailed study of the patient’s addiction profile, their lung capacity and nicotine levels in the body

A personalised nutrition plan and health plan based on the needs of the individual

Control and monitoring of the individual’s weight and physical makeup

More than 10 natural therapies and technological treatments focused on tobacco addition

Psychological support and specific techniques for preventing relapses

Treatments favouring the elimination of toxins from the body

Recommendations and activities to encourage the individual to learn new habits for a healthier lifestyle

Programme Content

· General health examination including spirometry test
· Electrocardiogram and cotinine on alternate days
· Initial laboratory test
· General medical consultations at the beginning and at the end of the programme
· Consultation with an expert in anti-ageing and genetic medicine
· Derma-aesthetic consultation, featuring the most advanced technology for non-invasive diagnosis
· Revitalising medicine consultation
· Dental health diagnosis by digital imaging and thorough dental cleaning
· 3 ozone sessions with GAH intravenous
· 2 sessions of lung detox nebulization
· 2 psychotherapy coaching consultations
· 1 phytotherapy and anti-aging supplement (anti-tobacco kit)

· Consultation with an expert on nutrition and natural therapies
· Nutrition plan adapted to your needs
· Natural therapeutic drinks, based on prescription
· Nutritional follow-up consultation during your stay
· Personalised health plan

· Traditional Chinese Medicine consultation, based on prescription: acupuncture, laser acupuncture or electromagnetic heat lamp
· 2 Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment sessions, based on prescription
· 1 colon hydrotherapy session

· 5 oxygen bar sessions
· 1 oxigenating SAHO ritual treatment
· 1 hydroenergetic detox cure treatment, consisting in hydroaromatherapy, fitomudtherapy and hidrojet
· 1 high-tech treatment session, based on individual objectives and needs: Detox massage, Physia or Indiba
· 1 body & mind session, based on your needs: yoga, meditation, mindfulness, chi-kung or pranayama techniques
· 1 traditional massage or oriental therapy session, based on your needs: deep tissue massage, relaxing massage, lymphatic drainage massage, shiatsu or thai massage
· Access to the Hydrotherapy Circuit, based on prescription (sauna, Roman baths, Turkish baths, cold plunge pool, hydrotherapy pool, lap lane, foot baths, bithermal showers, ice fountain, therapeutic water jets)

· 1 introductory fitness evaluation with a personal trainer

· Complimentary access to group activities: talks, holistic classes, training, walks and healthy cooking classes, among others