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For SHA Wellness Clinic
Wednesday February 4th, 2015
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Today, 4th February is World Cancer Day 2015  and we wanted to do something special at SHA. We want to send a support message, but above all, we wanted to send a 100% positive message. 

And is there anything more positive than a smile?  We are convinced that attitude is crucial, that it is #TheBestTherapy to face health problems, specially when they are as severe as cancer.

That’s why we decided to fill this day with smiles and we have been collecting smiles all over SHA, from friends and family and you all through social media, with the aim of creating a huge positive message that you will all receive.

We received hundreds of pictures which became #TheBestTherapy… 


Apart from smiles, we collected some inspiring quotes to create the Optimism Decologue

1. Everything is hard before it is easy
2. Be your own hero
3. Change impossible for i’m possible
4. Nobody fails, people just give up.
5. It’s impossible to be happy without being brave
6. Everyone smiles in the same language 
7. Forgiveness is a gift you make to yourself
8. There’s no shine without darkness
9. Live your life and forget your age
10. Let kindness be your true religion.


We’d like to thank everyone who joined this campaign and supported us with your pics, your retweets, your shares… And of course, we’d like to send our support to those who bravely fight against cancer.

Thanks from the whole SHA team!


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