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What is serotherapy?

What is serotherapy?

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Thursday April 18th, 2013
Health & Beauty

If last week we talked about the benefits of ozone therapy, today we present another new treatment in Biological Medicine. It is the biological serotherapy, a treatment based on intravenous serums completely customized according to specific needs and goals of each person, both within health and wellbeing and physical appearance. Dr. Rosario Garcia answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) on treatment with serotherapy.

  • What is serotherapy?

The definition of serotherapy would be: “Treatment that consists of the administration of specific serums that promote self-healing of our body from a selection of vitamins, trace elements and natural biological agents according to our specific needs: slimming, beautifying our skin, improve health of our hair, etcetera “.

  • How is biological serotherapy applied?

Serotherapy is usually performed by intravenous application, ie incorporating our custom serum directly into our blood flow.

  • Is it true that serotherapy has a powerful detoxifying effect?

Perhaps the detoxification of the body is the main application of this treatment, since the intravenous application of sera represents a therapeutic method that activates the body’s self-healing capacity (strengthening the immune system) and promotes the elimination of toxins through physiological pathways removal.

  • How long do the effects of biological fluid therapy?

Its therapeutic effects are fast, allowing to restore the normal functions of the organs and accelerating altered biological recovery of patients regain vitality, organic deterioration stop and start living a more fulfilling life. Serotherapy in healthy people can prevent disease and optimize physical and intellectual activity.

  • How many serotherapy sessions are needed?

The sessions required will depend on the needs and expectations of guests but we recommend a minimum of 2 sessions.

  • How is the sera customized?

Sera used in the treatment of serotherapy are completely customized according to individual needs and health benefits that are desired. We have an initial consultation with the patient to determine what are his or her needs and goals and then we ellaborate the sera we consider appropriate. For example, there are sera combinations to:

  • Can serotherapy be combined with other beauty treatments?

Of course, serotherapy is perfectly compatible with other beauty treatments because the recovery is immediate after application and, in fact,it is recommended to do it in combination with ozone therapy to multiply their effects and benefits.

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