What is reflexology?
What is reflexology?

What is reflexology?

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Tuesday November 26th, 2013
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Foot reflexology

What is reflexology?

Foot reflexology, also known as reflex therapy is a natural therapy based on an ancient technique that treats different parts of the body through certain points located on the feet.

foot points reflexology chart

Reflexology is not only a technique of foot massage and it can also be done in other parts of the body such as hands or ears (called reflex zones). This therapy gets relieve chronic diseases and substantially improves the condition of the body.

What are the reflexology points?

Reflexology trace a kind of chart on our feet by which each point corresponds to the exact organ of our body which is connected. Feet say all of the person, they support all the weight and body functions and, therefore, they are connected by the nervous system to the body.

A good reflexologist can recognize through reflexology points what is the state of health of the various organs of the person who treats using a specific and relieve their foot massage helps to improve health globally.

Does reflexology really work?

It is shown that certain points of the feet become more sensitive when there is a disease, and massage these points helps relieve and even eliminate pain thanks to the connection reflexology has demonstrated between the different areas of the feet and the organs of our body.

How is the reflexology chart?

At the foot sole reflex points of the various organs of our body are located. The reflexologist massages these specific points in circles to cover the areas to be treated.


Reflexology and balance

Like all ancient natural therapies based on Eastern medicine, reflexology aims at balancing the functioning of every organ and therefore each system, maintaining that the proper functioning of energy systems leads to health and wellness, and understanding the disease as a disharmony in any of these systems.

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