What is my biological age?
What is my biological age?

What is my biological age?

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Tuesday December 10th, 2013
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Telomere test

Why do we age? 

This is a question we ask often. Aging is a biological cause but also involves multiple external factors such as where we live, the environment we surround ourselves with, the lifestyle we lead, what we eat, the exercise we do… Genetics mark 30% of our future but the  70% remaining depends on us and we may change to slow the aging process and get our biological age is even lower than our chronological age

biological age chronological age

Biological age and chronological age 

Humans turned years. This cycle known as chronological age does not stop and is a clear indicator of the time that has elapsed since our birth. However, there is another type of aging which determines what has undergone our organism along life, known as biological age. This age may vary according to lifestyle, diet, stress, etc. Can happens that our biological age has nothing to do with our chronological age. This disparity is ultimately what we commonly call aging (when, for example, we see someone who “has aged more than necessary” ) and may occur in only one part of the body or the whole.

How do I know what my biological age? 

Thanks to the telomere test we can find out how we can know our biological age. One of the newer tests to indicate the degree of aging is the telomere length analysis. Telomeres are the ends of chromosomes, which play a fundamental role in protecting their integrity and are biomarkers of the degree of aging of the body and life expectancy. In addition, this test of telomere length allows us to know the biological degeneration (cardiovascular disease, obesity, cognitie impairment … ) and make changes in our lifestyle to improve and prevent or predict the early development of certain age-related diseases and try to minimize this risk.

Dr. Gloria Sabater explains more in this video to understand the importance of knowing what our biological age.

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