What is miso?
What is miso?

What is miso?

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Thursday November 28th, 2013
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Miso benefits and properties

There are many times we have commented on this blog that miso soup is very good for health and nutrition experts recommend taking miso soup a day. 


What is miso?

Miso is a fermented condiment made ​​from soybeans and unrefined sea salt. Miso means “source of flavor” in Japanese and can be used to flavor many different dishes but its most traditional use is in the form of miso soup.


Types of miso

There are different types of miso according fermentation process as follows :

  • White miso or shiromiso: it has milder taste and is fermented for only a year.
  • Red miso or akamiso: stronger flavor than white miso, its fermentation process takes two years.
  • Black miso or kuromiso: is the miso with the more intense taste and goes through a fermentation process of three years.

There are other types of miso depending on which cereal is combined with soybeans for fermentation: mugi miso(soybean and barley) genmai miso (brown rice and soybeans), or kome melo (white rice and soy). Miso made ​​from 100% soybeans is called hatcho miso.

Miso benefits and properties
  • Miso is a probiotic food that helps maintain our intestinal flora.
  • The miso gives energy and vitality, so it is especially advisable to take miso soup for breakfast.
  • In cold seasons, miso maintains proper body temperature.
  • Miso has many nutritional properties, so also prevents hair loss and keeps skin soft.
  • Due to its content of linoleic acid and lecithin, miso helps dissolve cholesterol, avoids heart disease and prevents hypertension.
  • The miso reduces the effects of excessive consumption of harmful products such as alcohol, snuff and drugs.
Miso and cancer prevention

According to several scientific studies on cancer prevention conducted by Dr. Hiro Watanabe, take a miso soup a day reduces the chances of a woman developing breast cancer and may also protect against other forms of cancer that attack the lungs and colon, as miso avoids the effects of external radiation.

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