What can SHA do for you? Tips and advice to improve your health and wellbeing
What can SHA do for you? Tips and advice to improve your health and wellbeing

What can SHA do for you? Tips and advice to improve your health and wellbeing

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Tuesday February 12th, 2013

Happy Tuesday!

Today we’d like you to spare a few minutes to ask yourself what are your major aches, pains and bad habits and that you try to think what can be done to remedy them. For example…

Do you have frequent headaches? Did you know that Umeboshi is a natural painkiller that can help relieve your headaches without having to take any medication? Think you’re addicted to coffee? Did you know that Kukicha or Bancha teas, despite not having much theine give you the energy and vitality your body needs, being much healthier than coffee? Do you suffer from joint pain? There is a seaweed called kombu seaweed which is especially beneficial for the joints because it has high levels of minerals like calcium or iron, and it has an immediate effect of alkalinization of blood.

Tips and recommendations to improve your health: Umeboshi, kombu and kukicha

In this blog we usually give you many tips, tricks and recommendations of this type but, obviously, it is difficult that we get exactly what are the specific problems for each of you. However, to try to remedy this trouble, we created a new and entertaining Facebook application in which, by answering a few questions about your habits and problems, we will create a fully customized plan in which our experts will give you some tips and tricks for you to improve your health and, in addition, we will show you some foods and treatments that suit your health needs to finally recommend the SHA program that best fits with your needs and interests.

Our experts will advice you to improve your health and wellbeing

Remember that our experts have tips, tricks and natural remedies for most of your health and food problems and, if you want to find out what will work best for your lifestyle, you just have to click here.

Try it! You won’t regret! And remember… Be Healthy. Be well. Be SHA.


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