Wellness: the trend for the new year

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Thursday December 3rd, 2020
Natural therapies

The world of wellness is subject to continuous change due to the needs of those who want maximum well-being at all levels: from the physical to the mental. Just as SHA Wellness Clinic and its proposal, which is fully valid in these times, wishes.

The wellness trend focuses on key concepts such as stress management, the hyper-personalisation of diagnoses through genetic tests to find the best treatment, healthier nutrition that pays special attention to the care of the micro-biota, and a global plan to strengthen our immune system.

Below, we detail the wellness trends for the new season and how they fit into the “SHA method”:

Strengthening the immune system to defend ourselves against viruses

The new reality has ended up imposing itself and revealing something that has always been a basic need: to have a strong immune system and at any age. It is not surprising that more and more people are taking healthy holidays.

It’s all about combining rest with health. Relaxing in an ideal environment to start a comprehensive health plan (food, exercise, clinical care) and strengthen our immunity against external aggressions.

On the other hand, this new reality we are talking about also implies social distance and a greater need for privacy. SHA Wellness Clinic has designed a specific plan to adapt its centre to safety requirements. And not only that but its SHA Residences offer the perfect proposal for those who wish to complement health with rest.

Hyper-personalisation of treatments using genetic tests

The sequencing of the entire genome has opened up a new horizon for adopting the most appropriate treatment for each pathology or health objective we set ourselves. From a genomic test, the aim is to have as much information as possible about the person to be treated.

As each individual is different, only with a completely personalised test will the most effective treatment be achieved according to the real objectives set.

As an article published in the journal Nature Reviews Endocrinology states, “with the lengthening of human life, the need arises to understand not only how we can live long, but also how we can live well (…). Understanding genetic and lifestyle factors will be necessary to unravel the underlying mechanisms of long and healthy life”.

SHA has always known that any programme of improvement must start with the most accurate diagnosis. To this end, in addition to the usual analyses and studies, maximum attention must be paid to genetic research.

Healthy nutrition and care of the microbiota

These are concepts that have always had SHA, and that now have their correspondence in a strong impact of the demand: to design food programs that reinforce the immune system, serve as a complement for the management of stress and anxiety, use fresh local and seasonal food or help to improve our quality of life by influencing aspects such as rest or digestion.

It’s all about incorporating healthy habits and customs into the way we eat. And the trend is to find a specific place for the care of the intestinal microbiota.

Studies on intestinal microbiota provide three fundamental functions:

Nutritional and metabolic functions including energy recovery, vitamin production and favourable effects on the absorption of calcium and iron in the colon.
Protective functions, preventing the invasion of infectious agents.
Modulation functions of the immune system.

As expressed in an article published in the scientific journal Nutrients, “diet and lifestyle can have significant and far-reaching impacts on human health, and we have shown that microbes living in the gastrointestinal tract play an important role in mediating these effects”.

Mental health and stress and anxiety management

The new scenario proposed by the management of viruses decisively affects mental health and how we handle new situations of stress and anxiety.

The aim is to carry out a profound diagnosis to identify those internal and external factors that are generating stress in each person’s day-to-day life. Identify possible aspects such as frustration, loss of control, difficulty in relaxing, pessimism, etc.

The result should be the recovery of emotional and physical health, thus increasing stress resistance.

In this sense, SHA has been clear since its foundation that exercising the mind is fundamental to obtaining complete well-being. Practices such as yoga, meditation techniques, breath control or mindfulness are fundamental to any health plan.


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