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Wednesday January 9th, 2019
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Lola García - Nutritional Expert
Lola García - Nutritional Expert

The Nutritional Expert at SHA Wellness Clinic, Lola García, shares some tips to weight loss after the the overindulgence in Holidays.

January is here and with it the remorse about all the overindulgence in Holidays and also the desire to incorporate healthier lifestyle habits that help us lose weight. This is all very good, but what is really important is that behind these objectives you set feasible goals that are long-term, in this way you won’t have to get worried about your weight year after year.

Obviously to lose weight healthily and maintain an ideal weight long-term it is essential that changes are made to our lifestyle. Attaining and maintaining our natural weight involves having a proper diet and exercising.

The first thing I would recommend is that you keep a diary of your meals and activities. On the first page of your diary, of your new guide for 2019, write an objective of losing weight. Seeing it whenever you open your diary will help you fulfil the small daily, weekly or monthly goals. You can also write the objectives of each day. It is important to visualize what you expect from the day, so if you have it written down, it will be easier to see it through. For example, “today I am going to buy the ingredients to make a healthy breakfast or one of the recipes that are featured in the Sha Magazine”. Another example would be “today I am not going to use lifts and escalators”. Of course, these are realistic and specific goals that can be achieved without a lot of effort, just a little.

Moreover you must write down what you have eaten and how you feel after eating it. Keeping control of your food will enable you to determine what you have done or not to lose weight or not. This is very helpful when it comes to working on new routines.Visualizing what you want is a very important part of incorporating new habits into your life.

The diet, the food that you eat, is, obviously, one of the key factors to attaining a healthier weight and lifestyle. If your objective is to lose weight the ideal thing to do is consume 20% of whole grains, such as rice, quinoa, and buckwheat. Increase the amount of vegetables up to 60%, although you should bear in mind that it is winter so don’t think that it will help you by eating more lettuce, eating more lettuce might even be counterproductive. I recommend eating more cooked vegetables and garden produce. If you think that this is boring perhaps you aren’t consuming seasonal vegetables. Eating food that is in season means that you have to change each month. If you are still not convinced, perhaps you should include another resolution for 2019 in your diary, one about going to cookery classes. The rest of the menu must include 10 or 15% protein and even better pulses or fish, seeing as meat contains saturated fats.

Moreover, I have another recommendation that might seem strange to you, but it is really helpful. Do a spring clean at home: clean out everything that you don’t use that stops you from making progress and get rid of anything that you don’t want. This means throwing away everything that you haven’t used in the last two years. Put the things that you aren’t sure about into a box and leave them there for a while. If after a year or two you haven’t used them, you can throw them away.

When we clean physically we are also cleaning emotionally and this helps us look at the future optimistically and without any “burdens”.


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