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For SHA Wellness Clinic
Tuesday November 2nd, 2021
Healthy nutrition
SHA recipes are constantly evolving to adapt both to seasonal products and to the body’s specific needs at each time of the year.


Healthy, sustainable, energetic, balanced, mainly alkaline and, above all, flavourful nutrition is one of the hallmarks of the SHA Method. It is through what we eat that the body obtains the nutrients it needs to function properly. But since these needs are not always the same and change with the seasons, so should our diet. As, tells us, “If we opt for cold, mostly raw dishes with lots of water, like salads, to beat the summer heat”, says Lixi Lineas, Head Chef at SHA Wellness Clinic, “now what we crave are hot dishes like stews to combat the drop in temperatures“.


Seasonal, organic and locally produced products are the absolute stars of SHA’s autumn-winter menu. “Thanks to Spain’s climate, we’re lucky enough to have the same ingredients twice a year. In autumn, we are most interested in root vegetables and foods that grow underground because they are packed with minerals that are very beneficial for health, such as parsnips, celery, beetroot, broccoli and daikon, and grains such as buckwheat, which help us to withstand the cold”, adds the chef.


Lixi explains the importance of using seasonal and local food. “On the one hand, it keeps all the flavour, freshness and nutritional value intact. On the other hand, it reduces the pollution and energy costs associated with the transport of goods and cold storage. We are also constantly on the lookout for new products to incorporate into our dishes that adapt to SHA’s concept and demanding quality standards. Thus, and always prioritising local and national production, we have just started working with organic artichokes from Alicante, which are less acidic and have a spectacular flavour”.


The new menu, which will be available until the beginning of May, consists of 245 dishes, almost 500 including breakfasts, and is committed to a sophisticated simplicity of clean flavours that can conquer even the most demanding palates. “Less is more. We’ve simplified the recipes and eliminated some products and preparations in order to focus more on the background of the dish and thus enhance both the presence and the flavour of the main ingredient. A good example of this is the calçots with SHA sauce and the crispy tofu burger with julienne vegetables. This evolution is also noticeable in the desserts, created by Andrés Morán, Healthy Pastry Chef at SHA Wellness Clinic, which are made with fruits with a lower concentration of sugar and 100% organic and sugar-free chocolates this season. In addition, the menu is designed, studied and planned to avoid repeating the same ingredients in the different options (Kushi diet, Biolight diet and SHA Menu) that we offer our guests”, concludes Lixi.

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