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Vegetal oils: take care of your skin naturally!

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Tuesday June 14th, 2016
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Conventional cosmetic products are not as successful as they used to be. Indeed, in the last years we tend to choose more natural, ecological, eco-friendly and healthy products. Vegetal oils wonderfully fulfill these requirements. Find out what vegetal oils can do for your skin:


A natural composition

When you choose a vegetal oil, it is important to be sure that they are ecologically produced. This is the only way to be sure that they are addictive-free. Natural cosmetics don’t contain chemical products or petroleum derivatives, but a lot of traditional cosmetics products do.It guarantees a skin respect and an almost non-existing risk to get side effects.

What your skin needs

To keep a good health, skin needs to receive essential nutriments and oxygen. Using vegetal oils for the face and body permits to receive a good amount of fatty essential acids that moisturize the skin, tone it up and keep it healthy. Moreover, vegetal oils are rich in vitamins A, D, E… that protect us against premature aging of the epidermis.

vegetal oilsTo remove make up

If no conventional make-up remover convinced you so far, vegetal oil can change your beauty routine.  Using vegetal oil permits to remove all the make-up (waterproof included) while nourishing our skin. Moreover, it it’s a wellness moment after a long working day, choosing a well-perfumed oil and giving to yourself a soft massage for a few minutes, just the time to take all the dirt off your face.

To moisturize

Vegetal oils have an important moisturizing power. Moreover, given the great variety of vegetal oils, you canfor sure find one adapted to the characteristics of your skin: dehydrated skin, with wrinkles, spots… Some vegetable oils are oily whilethe skin absorbs others very quickly. They can moisturize the face as well as the body.

Which oils to have at home

If you want to try natural cosmetics, you can start using these oils:

Coconut oil: a delicious coconut smell, and protector, softening and emollient properties. It is perfect to deeply remove make-up and to moisturise the body.

Sweet almonds oil: it has a soften action. It is perfect for dry and irritated skins. You can use it to remove your make-up or moisturize your face.

Argan oil: very nutritive and regenerative, it is a good oil to moisturize mature skins. You can also use it around the eyes.

Rosehip oil: this oil is a good source of essential fatty acids and it is ideal to regenerate the mature or dry skin. It effectively fights against scars and wrinkles.

Jojoba oil: skin quickly absorbs this non-oily oil that is perfect to moisturize skins with spots or blackheads since it regulates the sebum production. It is a soft make-up remover for the face and the eyes.

Hazelnut oil: it prevents from skin dehydration and it is recommended for moisturising mix and oily skins. Its fast absorption makes it a perfect day cream.


Dare to try the vegetal oils and start taking care of your beauty on a natural way!


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