Tips to stop smoking without gaining weight
Tips to stop smoking without gaining weight

Tips to stop smoking without gaining weight

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Tuesday September 24th, 2013
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How to quit smoking without getting fat

Do we gain weight when we stop smoking?

There is a popular belief that “if you quit smoking you gain weight.” Unfortunately, many smokers who try to quit on their own experience a significant weight gain for various reasons:

  • By improving the smell and taste after quitting smoking, former smokers become more responsive to external stimuli such as the smells and the nuances of taste of food and drinks, so they tend to increase the amount of food they take.
  • Untreated anxiety, makes many quitters try to assuage their discomfort literally gobbling up all kinds of high-calorie meals, snacks, sugary drinks, sweets, etc …
  • Some studies claim that has been measured a higher level of basal metabolism in smokers than in nonsmokers, equivalent to about 200 kcal. daily.

So weight gain is one of the common side effects of quitting. Therefore, our team of experts in nutrition and anti-smoking medicine share the best tips to quit smoking without gaining weight.

How to quit smoking without getting fat

How to quit smoking without getting fat

Reduce consumption of meat, eggs and overly salty foods

This food group have a “yang” energy that produces in us an excess of tension and contraction. This will make wishes to take substances that help us to produce the opposite effect, ie to relax, and the snuff is one of them. The snuff is a too “yin” substance  which favors the dispersion.
Follow a healthy diet rich in whole grains and vegetables sweets

Many people smoke compulsively before stress. One cause of stress is have low blood sugar levels . Those people are usually very stressed very hypoglycemic . When glucose levels are low, we need to take substances glucose rise to its proper level . A healthy diet based on whole grains is one of the best ways to maintain a proper glucose level in our blood without causing bumps .

Furthermore, we know that nicotine raises the levels of blood sugar , so to quit smoking, crave . If you choose to eat produces a rapid rise in blood sugar ( candy , soda , etc.) will be facilitating the subsequent plummeting of glucose and the consequent desire to take any substance that stabilize our sugar again as the cigar.

It’s best to choose healthy foods that taste sweet that help reduce our anxiety and relax without altering glucose levels as squash , parsnips , onions, carrots , broccoli , cabbage … The sweet taste of many cereals such as millet and sweet rice well as some vegetables will leave us with a feeling of satiety and relaxation after eating to avoid the desire to use the cigarette.
Drinking beverages with kuzu

The more we drink that will help in the process of quitting ydesintoxicarnos of snuff is made ​​from kudzu .

Numerous studies show that the kuzu helps detoxification processes , scientists at Harvard University recommend smoking cessation .
In addition to being rich in fiber promotes peristalsis , helping to eliminate toxic substances from our body.
Its anxiolytic properties help us in cases of stress , and promote relaxation , reducing the urge to smoke.
We develop kuzu drink apple juice or water and a bit of molasses to give sweetness , ideally taken at least 1 or 2 times a day.


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