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Tips to organize your workspace

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Tuesday April 19th, 2016
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We spend a lot of hours at the office and a tidy workspace will make us feel better with ourselves and the environment, helping us maximize wellbeing and productivity and minimize stress.

Post-its, earphones, loose sheets of paper, magazines… If you have a look at your workspace, you will see these objects for sure. Perhaps, they are the only things you can see and it is hard for you to distinguish your worktable. All of us had or have a messy desk, even flirting with chaos. If this is your situation, it is the right moment to put some order.

Benefits of having a clean workspace

An organized, immaculate and accessible workspace is more propitious to develop concentration and also productivity. Moreover, it permits to save time that you will no longer lose looking for that or this memo that has just disappeared.

There is no need to dedicate a lot of time to organize your workspace. The first time, you will have to spend a bit longer but after that, only a few minutes a day will be enough to keep a clean desk.


How to organize your workspace?

  • Analyze the situation

Sit down and analyze the situation with calm.

  • The bin, your ally

Throw out anything that is useless: pens that don’t write anymore, empty staples’ boxes, drafts, and full notebooks with no pages left…

  • A notebook

Write down all the notes that you have on post-its in a notebook, throw away the post-its, and later, classify the notes to keep only the most important ones.

  • The end of loose documents!

Do you have a lot of loose sheets of paper? Put them in folders and binders. This way, your desk will be clearer and you won’t lose time looking for your documents.

  • Drawer for loose things

This is the drawer in which you will keep all your pencils, clips, stapler, earphones… All the indispensable stuff that you need to reach easily but you cannot let contaminate your workspace.

  • An open space

Your workspace has to be open to give you the impression to have enough space, to improve your observation capacity and no to make you feel locked. For that purpose, eliminate all the barriers you can.

  • Priorities notebook

Keep a small and nice notebook near where to write down all the things you have to do in order of priority.

  • Find Motivation

When you feel blue or stressed, focus on an optimistic quote. You can keep it on a post-it on the wall. It also works with a picture of relatives and friends, your favorite song, a photo of your next holidays…

  • Organize the desk’s elements

Spending a lot of hours in front of a computer is not especially beneficial for your health. So it is important to have enough space to place your arms and wrists, to place the computer about 40 centimeters from your eyes, and to their height to minimize the damage. (link al post de las posturas en el trabajo)

  • Clean often

Keep wet wipes in a drawer to clean your desk easily and quickly when you need it. You can choose them perfumed to feel better while working.

We hope that you find these tips to have an organized and clean workspace helpful. Don’t forget to share your own tips with us!


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