Tips for returning to the routine and cope the autumn

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Thursday September 27th, 2012

Autumn has arrived, and both our body and our mind substantially notice the change of seasons. Not many days ago, although many of us had already begun to work after the holidays, we kept the positive summer spirit and the energy and vitality achieved during our rest days. However, with the temperatures droping down and the days getting shorter, the assimilation of the return to routine takes us more and more due to what it is called “post-holiday syndrome“. So in this post we intend to tak about the topic and give you some tips to help you cope better with this change and maintain high the energy and spirits.

Noelia Aguirre, our psychologist at SHA Wellness Clinic, explains that although the so-called “post-holiday syndrome” does not exist as a clinical pathology (ie, as a “disease”), that name is associated to the group of signs and symptoms that some people have when they return to work after the holidays, in early fall.

Sometimes, some discomfort symptoms appear, but they are part of the process of adaptation to the new routine after the break, they may not have pathological character and they should disappear soon. Rarely the symptoms are installed permanently if the patient was not depressed before. Generally, a few days are enough to get used to the new rhythm. However, in more severe cases, the discomfort come to interfere with work activity due to attentional concentration difficulties, irritability, subjective feeling of powerlessness, boredom, problems to organize, sad mood and lack of illusion.

Dr. Aguirre believes that the lack of motivation plays a central role in the origin of this problem, especially in the workplace. If we work only to get the money we need, our work will never be a motivation and the importance of vocation and personal fulfillment will decrease. The economic crisis has also accentuated this experience of work as compulsive and transcendent meaningless.

One of the fundamental keys to overcome this state of mind is to ensure that the work is a backbone of our lives, one of the most important centers of our identity. We are, at least in part, the work we do. Charles Baudelaire said: “There are only two ways to get rid of the nightmare of the relentless passage of time: pleasure and work. Pleasure exhausts us and work fortifies us.

Possibly, regain creative sense and consciousness of the utility of our work is the best possible attitude to feel better in these difficult days. Do it right, do it best. Do it so eager, enthusiastic… or even with a bit of angry.“The horizon is black, the storm threatens- Work: this is the only remedy for the evil of the century” (André Maurois).

In addition, we recommend that you incorporate some ingredients in your healthy nutrition which properties will help you to maintain your positive energies and feel better with the return to work and the change of season:

  • Cook with sesame oil: it is highly antioxidant and helps controlling symptoms related to post-holiday stress and blood pressure.

Sesame Oil

  • Take more pulses: they are the main source of vegetable protein in our diets and are rich in vitamins and minerals like calcium.


  • Drink Mu Tea: It consists of a combination of 16 plants. It helps relieving fatigue and recovering the energy balance for its high content in ginseng.

Mu Tea

Remember that taking care of our body and mind is in our own hands. If we intend to start the fall with energy and positivity, for sure we will achieve it.



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