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Monday February 15th, 2016
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If you are used to travel by plane, for professional reasons or personal pleasure, at least once you have felt a kind of apprehension getting on board. Some of us are afraid of flying, others are worried about the food that will be served or about some small health problems that can occur during the flight. Follow our tips for a better flight and if you pass by Adolfo Suárez Madrid Barajas Airport, enjoy it to discover the products and services of Esenza by SHA, which will help you deal with these apprehensions.

  • End up with the fear of flying

Try to relax yourself before going to the airport. A short yoga or meditation session can be very beneficial for you.  It is a popular thought that alcohol relaxes but don’t abuse of it since it can provokes negative thoughts and increase your fear. It is better to substitute it by a relaxing tea. In Esenza by SHA you can choose between a large selection of natural teas. 


  • Say NO to tray food

Food aboard has very bad reputation. And it is a reasonable claim. It is not as tasty as it should. Also, lots of alimentary additives are added to it so that the menu is able to bear the flight conditions, which is obviously not healthy. The best thing to do is taking your own food with you. We advice you to take some nuts which give energy and satisfy hunger and fruits, which are light and high in vitamins. Don’t forget how important is it to drink during a flight, especially if it is a long one.

And if the flight is longer, we propose you to take one of our healthy take away menus. You could choose between diferent plates of organic origin, very tasty and full of properties; drinks, natural juices, healthy snacks… You have a vast number of options before tasting the airline’s food: In Esenza by SHA, we propose a large line of healthy food to take with you on board.

  • Help the blood circulation

It is  not good for the blood circulation to stay seated for a long time. To minimize the discomfort is advisable to wear comfortable clothes and to get up from your seat to make a short walk and some legs movements. Getting off the plane, or before going on board,  you could enjoy a reviving legs massage, which improve the circulation of the all body.


  • Fight deshydratation

The planes’ air is different than the one we breathe on the earth, is drier and less oxygenated. So it is very important to drink water or juices regularly and to apply a moisturizer cream every 4 hours. At Esenza by SHA, you can relax and moisturize your face thanks to our hydrating facial treatment.



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