time to prevent!

Time to prevent!

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Friday October 7th, 2016

Our body is a wonderful machine blessed with functions that could outdo those of technology, one of the most important ones being the immune system. Under normal circumstances, it’s capable of distinguishing the body’s tissues from foreign invaders, such as viruses and bacteria, and taking immediate action.

The problem begins when our immune system is weakened. Our lifestyle, nutrition and frequent use of medications and antibiotics condition the proper functioning of our immune system.

With the arrival of autumn, viruses and bacteria start to flourish and the first thing we tend to do is reach out for medications and antibiotics to eliminate the symptoms the quickest way possible. Whilst the symptoms may vanish temporarily, the immune system becomes weakened, thus, falling into a vicious cycle.

At SHA we are strong defenders of natural methods and we are convinced that prevention is ALWAYS the best remedy against illnesses.

We are conscious that what we eat influences our organism and the importance of a mind/body balance for optimum health. Hence, our SHA Essence and Detox programs are especially focused, amongst other objectives, to strengthen the immune system.

This autumn, we propose swapping antibiotics for a healthy diet adapted to the season, substitute pills for one hour of exercise a day, central heating for an extra dose of vitamin D and give our body the rest it deserves. Without a doubt, take advantage of the natural resources we have at our disposition to improve our health.


Nutrition plays a vital role in strengthening the immune system and preventing illnesses. It is important to eat foods which are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants on a daily basis in order to have a strong immunity. In the same way we adapt our wardrobe, it is also fundamental to adjust the way we eat to the change of seasons. Furthermore, in autumn and winter, we should avoid eating cooling foods like salads and instead, incorporate warming foods that are in sync with the weather conditions. In the same way, we should also eat fruits and vegetables that are in season to benefit from their high nutritional content and freshness.

In addition to eating warming foods, drinking hot drinks is also necessary to keep the body warm. Fresh ginger tea, for example, is very good to strengthen the immune system.

Vitamin D

As the autumn and winter months force us to stay indoors more often, it’s important to dedicate a moment of your day to spending time outdoors. Preferably, taking a walk in nature, to get a breath of fresh air and absorb vitamin D from the sun, a key vitamin for the absorption of calcium in the body as well as an immune strengthener.


With the change of weather and shorter days, we can become less motivated to exercise. However, exercising is very good to strengthen the immune system and boost energy levels. Physical movement benefits the immune system for many reasons. Firstly, it stimulates the production of the happiness hormone, endorphins. Even if you’re feeling tired and energy less, exercising will improve your mood and revitalize you. In addition, exercising reduces the level of cortisol, the stress hormone. Lowered stress results in a stronger immune system, as stress is detrimental to our health.


Not sleeping enough (7-8 hours for adults) can cause the immune system to weaken, increasing our chances of catching unwanted infectious diseases. In general, rest is fundamental to lower our chances of becoming ill.


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