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Thread lift: a facelift without surgery

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Wednesday May 4th, 2016
Health & Beauty

Men as well as women, we all want a perfect face. And what worries us the most is facial flaccidity. Today, we would like you to discover thread lift, a non-surgical technique to get a younger and well-defined face.


Natural rejuvenation

Thread lift is one of the numerous non-invasive aesthetic treatments that exist. It is a safe and quick process, without any incisions, that boosts internal tissues in order to firm the skin and correct flaccidity. In this way, the oval of the face is firmer and the neck’s skin is tenser. The main interest of this technique is that it stimulates collagen formation, a substance that is naturally present in our dermis and which is responsible of its firmness. With time, this substance decreases causing flaccidity. The result that you get with thread lift is a more elastic and brilliant skin, in a totally natural way.


A painless practice

Besides being quick, thread lift is especially painless. The first step is to practice a local topical anesthesia in order to introduce, through small needles, 10-20 tiny threads a session, under the dermis. In this way, a kind of net is knitted to support facial tissue. Once inserted, small tissue lesions are created around the threads and activate our cells. In this way, new collagen is produced. The threads don’t cause any type of allergies or rejects; and are totally undetectable: you can neither see them nor feel them if you touch your face. After 6-8 months, they are reabsorbed. The treatment usually lasts around 30 minutes and there is no need to be hospitalized, contrarily to surgical facelift. The natural and progressive results can be really observed after 3 or 4 weeks and can last more than one year, depending on the patient.


This technique is perfectly compatible with other non-invasive aesthetic treatments, as botox, vitamins, mesotherapy… Other great advantage: the threads’ technique can be used not only in face but also in arms, gluteus, and thighs. Moreover, it is totally personalized for every patient according to the age, physiognomy and flaccidity level.


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