The Ultimate Guide to a Healthy Christmas

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Tuesday December 5th, 2017
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The festive season is upon us and you’re all probably getting ready for this busy period, where our agenda fills up with family gatherings, Christmas dinners, present buying and one celebration after the other. Whilst this time of year brings a lot of joy and reasons to celebrate, it can also get stressful at times, and we end up eating and drinking more than our body needs, spending much more time indoors rather than outdoors, leaving our fitness routine aside and sleeping less.

After the holidays are over, we end up feeling sluggish, exhausted and perhaps even a bit tight in our clothes. And then the New Year arrives and we feel the need to go on a detox and set all these resolutions that we want to achieve throughout the year that tend to be ambitious.

What if we would enjoy the festive season without going too overboard by following some simple healthy tips?

We do believe that the holidays are a time to disconnect and enjoy the festivities, but we can learn to celebrate them in a healthier way that won’t leave us feeling tired, bloated and a few kilos heavier.

Because it’s not only about what we eat, but also how often we move and whether we’re taking time to disconnect and avoid stress, we’ve teamed up with our nutritional expert Melanie Waxman, our Stress Management expert Conceiçao Espada and fitness instructor María Fuentes, to share their tips and tricks to keep healthy this holiday season, and look and feel your best.

Melanie Waxman's nutritional guide to a healthy Christmas!

Tips for a stress-free Christmas!

15 minute core workout!

Guilt-free holiday treat!


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