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Monday July 20th, 2020

Mr Alfredo Bataller Parietti
Mr Alfredo Bataller Parietti

Founder and President of SHA Wellness Clinic

As a result of a personal experience that gave me back my health, and after 30 years suffering from serious digestive problems, I decided to create a centre where we highly respect the holistic approach of seeing human beings as an integrated unit of body, mind, and spirit and where treating patients—not diseases or symptoms—always takes centre stage.

In line with this approach, we believe that, in most cases, symptoms are alarms that are triggered to warn patients of something that is not right. They can be caused by their behaviour or by their relationship with the environment; that is, with everything that exists, including our fellow men. In this relationship, there are different degrees of commitment. Great importance should be placed on paying attention to what we ingest since this directly affects our bodies and learning to identify foods that are sources of toxins that build up and progressively undermine our health.

We know the ravages of tobacco on our bodies. However, it can take many years for symptoms to appear. This is also true regarding many foods that are commonly consumed and many other bad habits such as sedentary lifestyles, excessive alcohol consumption, and drug use. We must also mention serious health disorders that can be caused by a lack of caring for other human beings.


The Need for an Efficient Health Model

Allopathic or conventional medicine deserves the utmost respect for the many advances that have been made thanks to it. Nonetheless, we are in the midst of an extremely worrying situation. Millions of people are becoming chronically ill and are in constant need of medication to alleviate symptoms that are appearing as a result of harmful behaviours. This forces governments to constantly increase health budgets in order to create more and more hospitals and clinics to attend to an increasingly sick population. When facing an epidemic, this system is completely overwhelmed and people whose lives are at risk are unable to get the care they need.

Every year, new pathologies appear and almost all efforts and expenditure on research are aimed at creating new techniques, technological support, and treatments that allow millions of people to live with numerous symptoms that are deteriorating their quality of life while little or nothing is allocated to disinterested education.

The current COVID-19 pandemic that we are facing corroborates the erroneous approach of believing that our diet or habits are not important and believing that money and scientific advances will almost always provide us with a solution. Our defense system must be in perfect condition to manage any unforeseen event. We are permanently exposed to possible pathogens. Having a good immune system or not is what makes the difference. This is surely why children and young people do not get sick even if they are exposed to the virus and a high percentage of older people and people with underlying conditions do get sick or even die.


An Optimal State of Complete Well-Being

The SHA Method seeks to enhance well-being by striving to achieve a state of total fulfilment by eliminating undesirable habits that undermine this possibility. We achieve this by using the most effective natural therapies, some of which are the result of thousands of years of experimentation, with the most advanced knowledge in genetics, anti-ageing medicine, and non-invasive aesthetic medicine. We do so with the utmost respect for a holistic approach to health. And we do not forget about the most advanced techniques to enhance our patients’ physical appearance, greatly contributing to their feeling of well-being.

We aim to purify the body, avoiding the use of substances that almost always have undesirable side effects as much as possible. We also aim to educate and inform patients so they learn the right way to eat. We encourage them to take part in beneficial physical activities and to manage their emotions. We also encourage other techniques that contribute to significantly improving their relationship with the environment. We seek to boost our bodies’ immunological and self-healing capacity, thus improving the quality of our existence. Adding Years to Life and Life to Years. At SHA, we do not understand health simply as the absence of illness. We see it as an optimal state of complete physical, mental, and spiritual well-being in harmony with the environment, maintaining your ideal weight and having great vitality. Achieving this is a thrill, living well and enjoying this fullness!


The Key Elements of a Concept

The three key elements of the SHA concept are the most effective natural therapies, including the best possible nutrition; the best and most modern techniques and therapies of conventional medicine; and prevention through anti-ageing medicine, including minimally invasive aesthetic medicine.

Any improvement programme must be based on an excellent diagnosis and to this end, in addition to usual analyses and studies, we are paying increasingly more attention to genetic studies. Although we know perfectly well which foods are most recommended for human beings and which ones we should only consume occasionally or never, it is also extremely important to know the characteristics of each individual’s genome.

Although a certain food may be excellent for most people, some individuals may not want to eat it because their body is unable to produce the enzymes needed to metabolise it well. Hence the crucial importance of learning to live in harmony with our genes and recognising and knowing why we have symptoms of premature ageing such as baldness, excess weight, vision and/or hearing loss, tiredness and lack of physical or mental agility, among others.

In addition, today science offers us the possibility of determining a person’s biological age quite accurately, which rarely coincides with their chronological age. This allows us to correct negative deviations and objectively measure the progress made with our treatments and indications.


Properly Managing Our Health

At SHA, we want our guests to learn how to manage their health as best as possible to achieve good health. We believe that individually we can do a lot to achieve this. And although we know that in the event of a failure, an accident, or an illness we can always call on the help of a doctor, the ideal situation is for our body to be clean, strong, full of energy and with a strong immune system. Let us not rely on the possibility of always finding a vaccine or a medicine that will give us a solution.

Millions of people die prematurely every year and we are horrified to think that the coronavirus alone has already blinded more than half a million lives around the world. What is not often mentioned is that, according to data from the World Health Organization, approximately nine million people die each year from cancer alone in the world.

That is right: millions of people lose many good years of life because of ignorance. We aim to at least help the people who trust us to find a way around this.


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