Los carbohidratos más saludables

The healthiest carbohydrates

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Wednesday December 28th, 2016
Healthy nutrition

In the world of nutrition, there’s a lot of confusion regarding what’s healthy and what isn’t. Many people have misleadingly been led to believe that carbohydrates make you gain weight, and therefore, avoid eating them all in all. However, carbohydrates are a food group that is essential for our diet. They’re our main source of energy as they fuel our body. Obviously, there’s a wide spectrum of carbohydrates, some better for you than others. But, by identifying which ones are easy for the body to digest and are a source of long-lasting energy instead of causing a quick rise and fall of glucose levels, we can find that there’s a wide variety of carbohydrates that you can include in your diet to have optimum health.

If you’re one of those people who avoid eating carbohydrates because you think they make you gain weight, it’s time for you to think again! We’ve created a list of the healthiest carbohydrates for you to include in your diet without any guilt and giving your body the nutrients that it needs. 




Quinoa is a cereal that aside from being rich in fibre, is also a plant-based source of protein. For those who don’t eat meat, it’s a great protein source. Since it has a low glycaemic index, it makes you feel full for longer and keeps your energy levels stable. Therefore, they’re a great carbohydrate to include in your diet to maintain a healthy weight. Quinoa does not contain gluten, therefore it’s great for celiac’s too.




Millet is an alkalizing cereal considered to be a sacred and therapeutic food in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It doesn’t contain gluten and it is rich in fibre and a wide array of vitamins and minerals.


Brown rice

arroz integral

Brown rice is a healthier alternative to white rice as it contains all its vitamins and minerals, whilst white rice is a refined version that has had a great part of its nutrients stripped away. Brown rice is rich in proteins, calcium, potassium, magnesium, fibre and thiamine, and in addition has a low glycaemic index, avoiding the insulin spikes that occur with refined carbohydrates.




Oats are known as the ‘queen of cereals’ because of its rich source of proteins, fibre, phosphorus, iron, and many other vitamins and minerals. It’s a great carbohydrate to have for breakfast as it provides energy throughout the morning. Try having porridge in the morning!


Try swapping refined carbohydrates for these healthier alternatives. Not only will it be better for your health, but you’ll also feel much better!

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