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Saturday June 13th, 2020

Alejandro Bataller
Alejandro Bataller

Vice President of SHA Wellness Clinic

Over the years, many people have asked me how this wonderful adventure that is SHA Wellness Clinic began. It all started a little over a decade ago as a result of one of my father’s personal experiences. After a worrying diagnosis, he managed to regain his health and well-being thanks to a drastic change in his diet and lifestyle. This experience that hit very close to home inspired me to follow in his footsteps. I changed my habits and, in a couple of weeks, managed to solve a migraine problem which I had been taking medication for without any progress for a decade.

All of this opened our family’s eyes. We felt we had a commitment and needed to share this valuable experience with others. As it was such a personal experience, my father decided to create SHA and open it in the bay of Altea where our summer home was located, an exceptional enclave on the Mediterranean coast. Soon the most prestigious experts from each area we were looking to bring together joined us. Almost 12 years have gone by and more than 65,000 people have improved their lives at SHA since then. I can’t imagine a more rewarding job!

SHA is based on a global vision of health, understanding health not as the absence of illness, but as an optimal state of well-being, vitality, and physical and psychological balance. We also use all types of techniques and therapies—both scientific-based and holistic ones—that can help us live longer and better. In short, to live life more fully.

The SHA method: essence, education, and comfort

The integrative nature of our method; the fact that we have been able to bring together the latest advances in scientific medicine and the most effective and proven natural therapies under one roof in a coordinated manner; and our special focus on healthy and balanced nutrition to ensure that this valuable combination makes a positive, significant and lasting change in people’s health and well-being show that there is an essence, a seal, and a sign of distinction in everything we do compared to other formulas in the sector.

And we cannot forget about SHA’s distinct educational focus. We provide all our guests with the knowledge and tools to make their SHA experience a turning point when it comes to their health and well-being. Our aim is for them to feel like the ‘managers’ of their own health.

Another characteristic of our brand is that we have been pioneers in combining the seriousness and effectiveness of the SHA method with the highest standards in hospitality and comfort and the best facilities. We have added a fresh touch so that our guests’ experience is extremely pleasant as well as transforming. Our guests have limited free time and we don’t want them to have to choose between a health retreat and an enjoyable vacation. So why not have both at the same time?

An energetic and well-prepared young man

Over the years, SHA has become like an energetic and well-prepared young man, eager to continue to evolve and grow. We have very loyal guests who visit us every year and a proven and perfected method together with a great team of professionals who stand out for their spirit of continuous innovation. We have always had the dream of bringing the SHA concept to new continents and allowing more and more people to benefit from this valuable method. Now we are on our way to making it a reality. New challenges lie ahead also related to our goal of making this world a healthier place, which we have been dreaming about since the beginning. There is so much to do!

There is no doubt that wellness is going through a process of democratisation, reaching more and more corners of the planet. More than a trend, it is a clear necessity. Conventional medicine, overwhelmed by the exponential growth of diseases mostly related to lifestyle, focuses on how to deal with existing diseases but people are becoming more and more interested in prevention.

Wellness will be increasingly recognised by governments, universities, and health institutions as they witness its indisputable positive impact. This will help regulate the industry more effectively.

Meanwhile, sedentary lifestyles and fast and processed foods, which have been very prevalent in recent years, are fortunately heading towards a transformation for the sake of our health and that of our planet. And those of us who have experienced the very direct relationship between our habits and health have an obligation to share this experience with the rest of society.

The search for well-being, our greatest desire

Wellness tourism has grown twice as fast as traditional tourism in recent years and the international health crisis we are facing will make this boom even more pronounced. Capitalising on our free time to get ready is increasingly necessary.

One of our main challenges is supporting people so that they can continue their progress on a healthy path after their transformative stay. Our search for well-being will be part of our daily lives more and more. We will have technology in our homes that will be able to make diagnoses in a similar way to how they are made at leading hospitals. But the key will be correctly interpreting these diagnoses and providing appropriate recommendations.

To that end, SHA has recently developed and launched an initiative called SHA eHealth, which will continue to evolve to serve our guests every day. Telemedicine will grow significantly, as will all wellness delivery options. The distribution giants will increasingly focus on this.

A healthy future that is already here

The search for well-being will be a key component in the world of business and teleworking—which is increasingly common—and will give rise to the concept of workations especially linked to the wellness industry. This will allow work to be combined with personal care. The future of SHA lies firstly in continuing to innovate and evolve relentlessly to always ensure the maximum effectiveness for our dear guests.

Secondly, it also involves facing the difficult challenge of replicating the SHA concept on every continent so that more and more people can have access to this valuable method. Of course, always following the brand’s standards of excellence.

The road will not end there because we have many dreams and ideas in mind to continue making this world an increasingly healthy place.


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