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Friday July 10th, 2020
Healthy nutrition

Juices are one of the star drinks for many reasons: they are effortless to prepare, they taste good to everyone, and they always contain ingredients recommended by official health food guides. Below, Mario López, Nutrition expert at SHA Wellness Clinic, proposes five healthy juices, explains how to prepare them and describes their benefits.  


SHA Red Velvet  

 For four people, low difficulty.  

 Ingredients: 900 g watermelon 80 g strawberries.   

 Preparation: dip the strawberries in a bowl of water so that they are covered, shake with your hands very carefully and drain. Cut off the green part of the strawberries and discard. Grind in a blender and strain through a fine sieve. Peel the watermelon and cut it into regular pieces. Make a juice with the help of the blender and set aside.   

A quick tip: mix the watermelon juice with the strawberry puree and shake well in a glass or bowl. Serve in a cocktail glass. Add a few pieces of strawberries to decorate.  


SHA Sunrise   

 For four people, low difficulty.  

 Ingredients: 550 g of carrots, 280 g of Smith apples and another 40 g of Smith apples for decoration.  

 Preparation: peel the carrots with the help of a potato peeler. Wash the apples and cut into quarters. Set aside 40 g. Make a juice in the blender with the carrots and apples. Strain through a fine sieve. Cut the remaining 40 g of apples into 4 mm slices and make a julienne so that the ends are left with their skins.  

Decoration: Pour the juice into a narrow neck glass and add the apple julienne, forming a square.  


Apple juice  

 Ingredients: half a green apple, a quarter of soft avocado, juice of half a lime, half a glass of Thermomix fresh spinach, a large glass of iced water, a spoonful of stevia, honey, sugar, maple syrup…   

 Elaboration: beat at least one minute… and that’s it!   

 A quick tip: from SHA we propose natural sweeteners such as rice or barley molasses. Even if we want to dispense with sweeteners (stevia, honey, etc.), we can increase the amount of apple. We can increase the amount of avocado if we want to enhance its satiating effect so that we do not let ourselves be tempted by other less healthy foods.  


Watermelon juice  

 Ingredients: 1/4 watermelon and ice.  

 Preparation: Remove the seeds from the watermelon and crush with ice until the desired texture is obtained. It can be flavoured with mint.  

A quick tip: this is a very refreshing juice and easy to make. Ideal for summer, when we enjoy watermelons of excellent quality. Watermelon is rich in a variety of vitamins A, B and C and minerals. It does not contain fat and is low in calories. Ideal for weight loss processes, it contains fibre and helps in its action against muscle pain.   


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