The best beauty treatments for men
The best beauty treatments for men

The best beauty treatments for men

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Thursday February 28th, 2013
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Health and beauty are also for men. Figures show that more and more men are interested in feel good both inside and outside. Although SHA public remains mainly female, the difference is minimal (54% female, 46% male approximately in 2012), the percentage of men has increased by almost 10% in the last two years and the tendency seems to continue growing.

So we have to be very aware of the physical and psychological differences between men and women. Although many beauty treatments are also available for men, therapists and doctors need to be aware of their individual needs and adapt their treatments according to gender. As stated by Dr. Mª Dolores Anton, “the main problem of many beauty & wellness centers is that treatments are designed just thinking of the needs of women and they are not prepared to deal with men.” However, “in 2012, 1 in 10 cosmetic treatments in the world was for a man and the tendency is that numbers keep rising, so we have to be prepared and know exactly what they want,” says our aesthetic medicine expert Larissa Perezhogina.

From what we have seen in our guests, men are especially concerned about problems like hair loss or skin aging. Therefore, we have created within our Noninvasive Aesthetic Medicine Unit a Men Rejuvenation Program covering both problems, including a gluconic acid peeling, a facial mesotherapy and a vitamin cocktail to revitalize the skin, with a scalp mesotherapy to strengthen and prevent hair loss. We also have other innovative aesthetic treatments designed for men which seek to diminish the double chin, reduce eye bags, remove fat from the abdomen, and so on.

From our beauty treatments for men, we also have many dental treatments like tooth whitening with minimal damage to the enamel or the latest in implant technology that allows renew your teeth in just two weeks.

Furthermore, according to the latest annual report from SpaFinder, men are increasingly demanding aesthetic and beauty treatments traditionally reserved for women, such as manicures, pedicures and facials. And that’s not just because spending on beauty products is increasingly accepted culturally, but also because it is becoming a social necessity. Today’s society requires men to be more concerned not only for their physical appearance and grooming, specially for businessmen accustomed to making public presentations, but also their health. Men also want to look and feel good and we recommend them these treatments for beauty and relax:

Beauty for men: care of your body with your SHA Personal Trainer

Relaxing massage for men: The relaxing massage achieves a state of calmness of the body and mind. Muscle relaxation stimulates circulation, calms nerves caused by stress and achieves greater oxygenation, in a peaceful environment using essential oils.

Executive Man Facial Treatment: Revitalising treatment for men’s skin, providing an authentic touch of freshness. It protects skin from stress, and environmental damage, providing intense hydration and diffusing fine lines. A facial cleanse, exfoliation, massage and masque all serve to make this treatment the perfect moment for relaxation and wellbeing.

Pure Back Treatment: This treatment helps to enhance the skin on the back and relieve daily stress. It is the perfect combination to exfoliate, remove dead skin, pimples and blackheads, with the end result being clearer, smooth and harmonious skin.

Aloe Vera Body Exfoliation: Body exfoliation session, opening every pore, eliminating and removing impurities from the skin with all the benefits of aloe vera. Followed by a gratifying massage with a hydrating serum that eliminates accumulated stress. This skin exfoliation will make you look more radiant, smooth and attractive.

Aloe Vera Wrap: Exclusive products make this ritual a perfect combination of aloe vera and mint. A fresh and melting wrap that nourishes and regenerates your skin, leaving it perfectly silky.

SHA Capillary Treatment:  The treatment starts with a relaxing massage to increase blood flow to the scalp, and the application of a therapeutic lotion which favours the appearance of new hair growth. It continues with massages based on traditional Chinese medicine and aided with a glass cup system which, through a vacuum effect, stimulates blood circulation and Chi energy. It ends with a masque to repair and hydrate your hair. Apart from being excellent for your hair, this treatment provides huge anti-stress effects.

Which ones do you prefer?


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