The benefits of Prenatal Yoga for Mind and Body

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Thursday June 21st, 2018
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Pregnancy is a wonderful experience for women, whilst also being very tough on the body because of all the drastic changes that occur. A healthy pregnancy and delivery largely depends on how a woman takes care of herself during this period. Whilst you can’t keep up with the same pre-pregnancy fitness routine, staying active is very beneficial to enjoy a healthier pregnancy, as well as an easier delivery.

One of the best practices you can do during pregnancy is yoga. It’s the perfect way to stay active for moms-to-be on a physical level and mental level. For those who worry that exercising isn’t safe during gestation, yoga is a completely safe practice as the injury risk is low, and in fact is very good for the joints and ligaments, which tend to suffer from the extra pregnancy weight.

Find out 5 reasons why pregnant women should practice yoga:

1. Focus on breathing

Those who practice yoga know the importance of breathing correctly. The breath work you’ll learn in yoga will help you get through your delivery more relaxed and physically prepared. Breathing is a very important part of delivery a baby, it helps relax the body and alleviate pain.

2. Strengthen the pelvis

During pregnancy, it’s especially important to strengthen this area, as it weakens due to the weight being carried throughout 40 weeks. Yoga allows you to work this area, which will also help you during delivery and you post-partum recovery.

3. Treating back pain

Practicing yoga regularly helps strengthen the abdomen and back, preventing the lower back pain caused during pregnancy due to the shift in gravity.

4. Keeps the core strong

During pregnancy, the abdominal area completely stretches out and loses its form. Therefore, practicing yoga can be very beneficial to keep the core strong, helping you get back into shape quicker post-partum.

5. Helps you stay balanced

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience for most women, however, it can also be nerve wrecking preparing for the life of a new human being. Yoga can help you stay balanced and calm during this period, which as a result will also benefit your baby.


If you’re an expecting mother or plan to have a baby soon, enjoy your pregnancy practicing yoga regularly! Your body, mind and baby will thank you for it!


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