The benefits of Cryotherapy treatment

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Tuesday October 10th, 2017
Natural therapies

Have you ever imagined being under -150°C? Seems totally crazy, right? Well it turns out that cryotherapy has a very beneficial effect on our health and that’s why more and more people opt for this treatment to revitalise their body and mind.

Cryotherapy is a treatment carried out in a chamber under -150°C for a couple of minutes. The drastic temperature change creates a shock effect in the organism and promotes very positive physiological effects.

What benefits does Cryotherapy provide?

  • Wellbeing: releases endorphins, increases energy levels, reduces stress and has a relaxing and refreshing effect. It improves insomnia, stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Therapeutic: analgesic, anti-inflammatory and immune system activator. Can treat osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and musculoskeletal disorders
  • Aesthetic: activates microcirculation through vasoconstriction, firms and rejuvenates the skin, stimulates collagen production, reduces wrinkles and tightens pores, reduces cellulite and stimulates hair and nail growth.
  • Fitness: increases performance, promotes recovery after exercise and injuries.

What affects does it have in the body?

At the end of the exposure to extreme cold temperatures, there is an immediate feeling of relief and wellbeing. It is a natural and effective way to fight stress, insomnia or headaches that affect daily life.

The cryotherapy treatment has an effect on the autonomic nervous system, rebalancing the body and reducing the negative effects of derivatives of chronic disorders induced by our lifestyle. The reactivation produced in the blood improves tissue irrigation, favouring the elimination of accumulated fat in adipose tissue through the lymphatic system.

The vasoconstrictor effect activates blood circulation, improving the mechanism of nutrient uptake, cell surface oxygenation and elimination of cellular waste products, leading to a better lymphatic drainage and as a consequence, eliminating cellulite.

Cryotherapy is also a natural solution for people who want to lose weight. The intense cold generated inside the chamber promotes a series of reactions in the body in order to compensate the temperature drop at the level of the outer surface of the skin, producing an activation of the metabolism and mobilization of excess fat stored in the body. 2 or 3 sessions per week during 4 to 6 weeks is sufficient to obtain positive results.

Now that you know all about cryotherapy and the benefits it provides, are you up for trying this innovative and effective treatment? Come try it out at SHA Wellness Clinic.


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