¿Qué es la Acupuntura Lifting Facial?

What is Facial Lifting Acupuncture?

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Tuesday March 28th, 2017
Natural therapies

Can you imagine getting a natural facial lift whilst removing toxins and liquid retention from your body? You’ll be able to experience this with one of the most innovative treatments in Traditional Chinese Medicine: Facial Lifting Acupuncture .


What benefits does it provide?

With the help of two therapists, the treatment aims to restore the skin’s luminosity and youth whilst realizing body techniques to promote toxin elimination, as well as reduce oedemas, swelling, liquid retention and facial lines of expression.

As a result, Facial Lifting Acupuncture  works on an internal and external level, improving the functioning of the internal organs and optimising the elimination and excretion functions. The effects of the treatment improve the sensation of wellbeing as well as bringing back luminosity to the skin.


What does the treatment consist of?

  • To begin, the therapists perform a diagnosis of the patient.
  • One of the therapists will be in charge of cleansing and preparing the skin and décolletage for the treatment using beauty products of the highest quality and deriving from natural extracts, whilst the other therapist applies acupressure on the rest of the body.
  • Facial acupuncture is applied whilst the other therapist drains the lymphatic system.
  • To continue, a relaxing facial treatment is applied whilst the second therapist continues once again with acupressure on the legs and feet.
  • To finalise, a facemask with a natural botox effect is applied, whilst the second therapist continues to apply acupressure.


What makes this treatment unique?

Facial Lifting Acupuncture  differs from other treatments as two therapists are continually treating you during the entire length of the treatment, working both on a corporal and facial level, improving the sensation of relaxation and wellbeing in a synergistic manner.

This treatment aims to rebalance the internal body’s state and as a result, influences the different factors that affect the appearance of the skin: colour, smoothness, luminosity and facial expressions. The skin is treated from the inside out and on all levels.

Furthermore, the effects obtained through the treatment are very positive, visible and the least bit invasive. Acupuncture needles are applied but it does not imply any pain or leave any marks. Therefore, you can achieve a natural lifting effect without having to undergo any surgery.

Who can benefit from this treatment?

Everyone can benefit from Lifting Facial Acupuncture, as it re-establishes the body’s internal state of balance and increases skin luminosity. However, once you reach a certain age, the skin requires more care and attention. Therefore, this treatment is very beneficial for those who are noticing the effects of aging. It is also highly recommended for people who suffer from stress and imbalance in their life.


You can visit our Traditional Chinese Medicine unit in SHA Wellness Clinic to benefit from one of our star treatments within the field of TCM.




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