The benefits brought by the fitness plans in our wellness clinic

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Sunday March 25th, 2018

Do you still don’t know about the personalized fitness plans in our wellness clinic? Undergoing a customized program is very important, since it is the only way to adopt long-term healthy habits. With a personalized strategy and the expertise of the best professionals, you will feel much stronger, balanced and healthy.

The benefits of a tailored fitness plan

No matter how old you are, nor your weight, nor your endurance or how much your body may be used to sports, a personalized plan will adapt to your very needs and your interests. You are always on time to enter the world of fitness. Why?

1. You will gain strength and endurance.

2. You will lose fat.

3. You will increase muscle mass and body flexibility.

4. You will learn to eat in a healthy way.

5. You will start a routine that will improve your physical and mental health.

6. You will eradicate pain.

7. You will regulate your organism.

8. You will help prevent cardiovascular diseases through exercise and healthy habits. When doing sports, your heart gets to work and coronary risks are reduced.

9. You will learn to release tensions. You will alleviate anxiety with the help of the best professionals, coaches and doctors who will be at your disposal at all times.

Healthy eating, just as important

With a personalized fitness plan and a good diet, also adjusted to your needs, you will reinforce your defenses and neutralize free radicals. This will bring improvements in your mood, it will also deliver you vitality in the morning. With an alkaline and balanced breakfast, you will have all the energy necessary to make the most of your day.

SHA’s fitness program

If you are looking for a tailor-made plan to help you, not only lose weight and get stronger, but to enjoy of a new lifestyle, and be much healthier and more balanced, SHA’s personalized fitness program is your best bet.

With this program, your organism will gain balance and the energy, mental and physical potency is stimulated. With a recommended stay of 14 days, you will improve your general well-being and your health.

Our program guarantees an overall health check-up with clinical analysis at the beginning, a medical consultation before and after the end of the plan, a dietary regime which is tailored to your needs and you will be subjected to an exhaustive follow-up during the whole process and you will undergo several sessions of innovative therapies, such as osteopathy, Dermiocare, ozone therapy sessions with GAH intravenous or physiotherapy.

You will have a personal trainer and you will undergo several sessions of high-tech, postural, functional and classic training. Lymphatic drainage is also very important to cleanse the body, and we offer treatments that are based on high technology, such as the ICOONE massage or the SHA Detox massage. Our program uses traditional techniques in decontracting massages.

Through the personalized fitness program at SHA Wellness Clinic, you will achieve a healthier and longer life, improving your flexibility and physical and mental condition. Allow yourself to be taught how to adopt a healthier lifestyle. We have a great team of health professionals that will make your stay very pleasant and to have very positive results.



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