The 2017 Healthy Food Trends

The 2017 Healthy Food Trends

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Thursday March 16th, 2017
Healthy nutrition

Trends come and go but recently, healthy eating has become much more than just a trend. There’s nothing fleeting about healthy living, as once you get into it, it simply becomes a way of life. However, there are constantly new food trends that invade social media feeds. So far this year, we’ve already got a long list of what everyone is loving at the moment.

If you haven’t tried the latest food trends, it’s time that you do! They’re not only delicious, but they’re also incredibly nutritious!


2017 Healthy Food Trends


Buddha Bowls

Buddha bowls, also known as macro bowls, have become such a huge hit! Not only are they visually very appealing, they’re also a nutrient-packed bowl. The rich variety of foods makes it an ideal meal as the more varied a meal is, the better!

TIP: To make the perfect bowl, combine legumes, grains, vegetables and healthy fats. Ex: combine brown rice or quinoa with grilled or steamed vegetables, chickpeas, sliced avocado and a dressing of your choice.



Seaweed has been used in Asian countries for centuries however, it’s only become more popular in Western countries in recent times. We immediately associate seaweed with sushi, however, the variety of seaweeds there are go beyond the nori wrapped around rice and salmon. Seaweed is one of the most nutritious foods you can find, with a higher nutritional content than most foods that grow on soil. They contain 10 times more calcium than milk. They’re also rich in iron, potassium, magnesium, protein, vitamins C, B, A, E and K and many more nutrients.

TIP: Add them to your Buddha bowls, salads, soups, sushi or use them as wraps.


Kelp noodles

Steer away from buckwheat noodles and any other healthier version of wheat pasta. Kelp noodles are in town! They’re a nutrient rich pasta alternative made from brown seaweed. As we already know, seaweed is very rich in nutrients, therefore, kelp noodles are a great healthy noodle option.


Turmeric Latte

If you haven’t heard of turmeric latte’s, than you’re totally out of the healthy food trends loop! It’s not a newbie, but it’s definitely a keeper. This anti-inflammatory elixir has many healing benefits and also happens to be delicious! Try this recipe out!


Fermented foods

Miso, kimchi, tempeh, sauerkraut are all fermented foods. They’re very beneficial for gut health, providing the digestive system with healthy bacteria that helps it absorb all the nutrients ingested through food better and improve your overall digestion. A healthy gut goes far beyond going to the toilet regularly. It also reflects on our immune system, energy levels, brain function and mood. Make them a staple in your diet!

Going sugar-free

As the detrimental effects of sugar are becoming more evident, more and more people are looking to ban it from their diet, and are looking for healthier sweetener alternatives. There are those who have ditched sugar altogether and have decided to go on a sugar-free diet. Those who have experimented with a sugar-free diet have witnessed the positive effects of eliminating this toxic ingredient from their body. From increased energy, improved gut health, radiant skin to a stronger immune system. Did you know that sugar weakens your immune system up to 70%?


Have you tried these latest food trends? They’re a must try in the wellness world. Get on board!



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