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For SHA Wellness Clinic
Friday April 8th, 2016

Running is one of the most accessible and easiest ways to practice sport. That’s probably the reason why running has become a social phenomenon in the last years.


Running, a trendy sport

Running is a sport that attracts more and more people. There are several reasons that make running so trendy:

– Smartphones: thanks to our mobile phones, we can measure what we run without having to buy a specific and expensive device. Downloading an app is enough to measure different criterion and to improve your trainings and reaches.

Social media: we are living a digital era in which everything is shareable through social media. A lot of us love sharing our achievements and see in it as an additional motivation.
– Flexible schedules: no need to look for a class according to your free time moments.

Alone or in company: running can be practiced on your own but also with other sportspeople. It is very common to find events to run in groups. In addition to meeting new people, it means extra motivation!

– The cost: Running doesn’t imply wasting a lot of money in equipment (at a basic level.)

Awareness: nowadays, we focus more on the importance to be healthy. This is the most important reason that makes running a trendy sport.

Although running is an accessible sport to anyone since there is no need of having a coach, performing some tests for runners can help you make the most of your training and reach your goals with no injury risk.


Footstep test

prueba-de-la-pisadaDid you know that 80% of the illnesses associated to the races are caused by a bad pronation? To solve the problem, it is important to perform a footstep test. The process is really easy.

  • You go on the treadmill and run for 1 or 2 minutes in real race situation.
  • The device records your moves and footsteps.
  • An expert analyzes the data and deduces what type of footsteps is yours. There are three of them: the neutral, the pronator and supinator.
  • According to the results, the expert chooses the insole you need to run correctly. And proposes an action plan.


Physical condition assessment 

This test can value the physical condition of sportive and non sportive people. There are several kinds of tests but normally they are done on a treadmill or a stationary bike. The patient has to submit him/her to different tests, which are later analyzed in order to know:

– The maximum practical cardiac frequency

– The maximum oxygen consumption that our body can process

– Lactic, ventilatory and anaerobic thresholds

The final objective is to personalize a training program with precision to achieve sportive performance or also esthetic and health goals.


At SHA Wellness Clinic, you can go through these two tests to make the most of your training. Moreover, you can also book our SHA Fitness programme if you are decided to get in shape, to recover or to improve the fitness level currently have.


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