Sustainable Gastronomy Day: healthy recipes

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Friday June 18th, 2021
Healthy nutrition

3 healthy, seasonal recipes that take 20 minutes to prepare


Eating is a basic necessity and a true pleasure for the senses, but it can also be an act of protest that helps us to take care of the planet. As Marina Domene, nutritionist at SHA Wellness Clinic, tells us, “the choice of food we put in our shopping trolley not only has a huge impact on our health, but also on the environment”. Which is why eating seasonal, locally produced products is essential both for the body to get the nutrients and energy it needs and to reduce our footprint.


The most sustainable option is eating garden to plate. However, since we know that this is much more complicated than it sounds, the doctor recommends “choosing locally grown products, because this avoids the pollution caused by the transport of goods, and seasonal products, to reduce the energy used for cold storage. And, whenever possible, try to buy from the market rather than the supermarket. This will help you eliminate processed foods from your daily diet and promote real food”.


In addition, the nutritional value of freshly picked, seasonal food is not the same as food that has had to travel hundreds of miles to reach your table. “Since locally produced food doesn’t have to spend time in refrigerated chambers, where they can lose some of their nutritional quality, seasonal products maintain all their freshness intact, the supply of nutrients, vitamins and minerals is greater and the body assimilates them better”, adds the expert.


If you like vegetables, such as courgettes, green asparagus, cucumber, carrots, watercress, beetroot, cauliflower, radish or green beans, and fruit, such as plums, apricots, flat peaches, nectarines, melon or watermelon, you’re in luck: they’re in season right now.


So that you can enjoy SHA Wellness Clinic’s sustainable haute cuisine at home, Lixi Lineas, our Head Chef, has prepared these delicious seasonal recipes, which can be prepared in 20 minutes, so that your diet is as healthy for you as it is environmentally friendly.


Recipe: Millet with cauliflower, red endives and watercress


Recipe: Romaine Salad


Recipe: Seed toast with guacamole



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