The Healthy Summer Guide
The Healthy Summer Guide

Summer Detox: Stay fit for the summer

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Monday August 22nd, 2016
Healthy nutrition

Summer is in full swing and you’re probably already wearing shorts, dresses, skirts, tops, and most importantly, beachwear! We all want to be beach ready and feel the best in our skin in this time of year. We’ve got you sorted and have come up with the perfect summer plan for you to stay fit for the summer.

Go Green

In summer, we lose a lot of fluids with the increasing temperatures and sun exposure. That’s why it’s necessary to consume foods rich in water, vitamins and minerals such as seasonal fruits and vegetables. It’s time to forget stews and heavy meals. You can check the list of foods prepared by our team of nutritional experts from SHA to lose those extra kilos accumulated during winter. We must also know which foods will help us balance our state depending on the environment in we are in.

summer body preparation



When summer arrives we suddenly want to look better than ever and sometimes do excessive exercise despite the high temperatures, which should make us change our training habits. In order to achieve your goals without suffering dizziness, fatigue, cramps, dehydration or lack of motivation, the personal trainer Fernando Sartorius gives us some basic tips to change your training mentality and exercise without suffering the consequences of heat.

summer body preparation

Protect your skin

After winter months in which our skin is covered by layers and layers of clothing, it’s time for some sun exposure. As we know, it is necessary to protect it before and during exposure because it’s essential to prevent spots and sunburn. It is important to know the characteristics of a good sunscreen and to choose the right one for your skin type.


summer body preparation

Cellulite and orange peel are problems that bother us throughout the year due to stress, sedentary lifestyle, the use of medicines and diet. However, it is during the summer when we worry more about them.

Today we have plenty of aesthetic body treatments, treatments that help fight cellulite, firm your skinreduce the volume, and detox.


Take advantage of summer holidays to relax and relieve stress.  Organise activities that you can’t normally do; this will help you disconnect from the work routine. Walk along the beach, breathe fresh air, enjoy a sunset, spend more time with your family and take advantages of the cultural agenda that many cities offer.

Most importantly, enjoy taking care of yourself and have fun whilst doing it! 



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