Stem cells treatment: from facial rejuvenation to COVID-19

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Monday September 14th, 2020
Natural therapies

At SHA Wellness Clinic we have been carrying out very successful treatments with stem cells and PRP in various types of pathologies and anti-ageing treatments with the ultimate objective of promoting healthy ageing,” explains Dr Óscar Mayorga, head of the Regenerative Medicine area.

It is a cutting-edge treatment that aims to repair a damaged knee in a few months. And it is achieved without the need to go through the operating room, without using chemicals and without causing side effects. It is all thanks to the regenerative power of each human being’s tissues and with just one injection.

Facial rejuvenation and alopecia

Far from being a frivolous aspect, aesthetics play a fundamental role in our health. Seeing ourselves young, conforming to our appearance, promotes better mental health, greater well-being.

Aesthetic medicine is continuously evolving, and stem cell treatment has been an invaluable aid in promoting effective rejuvenation treatments.

The facial rejuvenation treatment is straightforward and consists of the extraction of stem cells from the adipose tissue or fat through small liposuction performed in the abdominal area. This is because this is the area where the highest quality cells are found. Then, it will go through a process of centrifugation and filtration to separate and extract the stem cells that will be applied with microinjections in the areas to be treated.

In the case of alopecia, once the fat has been processed and the cell concentrate obtained, it is grafted to the area where the absence of hair density has been previously observed. The key is that cells obtained from the fat are grafted, which will promote the regeneration of the germinal cells of the still-living follicle so that it will produce good quality hair again.

Stimulation of the immune system and lung damage by COVID-19

Immunomodulation is a field that has now become very important in the last decade and where our specialists at SHA Wellness Clinic have been most active in. “This refers to both stimulation of the immune system in immunosuppressed patients and modulation in patients with immune hyperactivity in autoimmune pathologies (sclerosis, lupus, etc.)“, explains Dr Óscar Mayorga.

Currently, we are working with regeneration treatments in patients with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) lung damage and post-COVID-19 patients with residual lung lesions.

The incidence of COPD is increasing every year due to the higher prevalence of smoking and the ageing population in many countries. Stem cells allow the immune system to modulate and decrease inflammation to improve lung function.

On the other hand, different studies are increasingly confirming that residual lung lesions are one of the most persistent effects left by Covid-19 in some people who have had it.

We perform these treatments by applying stem cells by nebulization, which act directly on the affected cells and tissues producing cell regeneration,” details Dr Óscar Mayorga.


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