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Start your digital diet: Learn to manage the use of technologies

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Wednesday September 9th, 2015
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Probably  you have experienced that while having a priority activity using the computer you have had the need to open a new window to check something different. Probably sometimes you have to re-read the same sentence several times before writing an important letter or you have experienced you can’t focus in the same topic more than 10 minutes.

We live in the digital age. We are surrounded by waves that go over the earth looking for a receiver, radio waves, television, bluetooth. It’s well known that every antenna emits and receives radiations and this also happens to all living beings. We emit radiations and we are also receivers for them. Our body usually respond to radiations adapting, as it has been done over years, welcoming the different changes in technology: GSM, 3G, 4G… until it cannot stand it any more and what it seemed to be an “advantage” or “adaptation” has now become an “epidemic”.

Excessive exposure to electromagnetic radiation is becoming something usual and can potentially produce imbalances in health. We have to implement some healthy habits and start a digital diet. Here we present some tips to start with:


  • Eat less. Surely you haven’t analyzed how many “digital calories” you consume daily and how many you actually need. As for your weight, age, sex…you need a daily calorie dose, you should limit your digital intake because the social networks offer much more than what you actually need to consume.


  • Avoid temptations. When you are in a diet you avoid candies near you. Avoid also the temptation to use the phone or tablet while making a task or while working. Silent your phone,  deactivate notifications or put it out of reach so you will avoid suffering the “anxiety” of having a look each time it sounds. You’ll get used to it.


  • Eat dinner like a homeless. As the popular expression refers to the hours for meals, also apply it to moderate the use of screens. Set a schedule and adapt to it. You can use your device at certain times instead of being permanently connected. It’s recommended not to use Smartphone, tablets, PCs and other screens from the evening. Unplug the phone or move it away because this interferes in the sleep quality.


  • Self control. Remember it’s you who controls your devices and not the other way round. Try not talking with poor coverage, because the phone uses more power to achieve the same signal. Talk with headphones when possible (keeping cellphones away will make the signal weaker) and try to disconnect bluetooth in the car as it produces a great amount of electromagnetic waves.


Practicing these simple habits to manage the use of technologies we can reduce the negative impact of these technologies. In the Energy Health Unit of SHA Wellness Clinic we test the impact of these technologies on the health and propose the necessary strategies to mitigate its effects.




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