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Spring beauty care: The cleavage

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Monday April 27th, 2015
Health & Beauty

After a cold winter in which we took special care of the skin, it’s now the right time to start Spring beauty care, adapted to sun and heat.

Winter usually leaves marks and dehydrates the skin. Besides, it is easier to accumulate located fat (which intensifies cellulite) during winter months.

Warm days are around the corner and it’s crucial to prepare and hydrate the skin for the summer.
Peelings, both corporal and facial, are highly recommended at this time of the year: they are used to improve the overall appearance of the skin, moisturize and regenerate new tissues, preparing it with more active cells, making the skin look fresh, oxygenated, even and radiant; ready to adopt an long lasting and uniform tanning.

Peelings can also be accompanied with intense nutrition or detoxifying seaweed wraps which drain the tissues at the same time.

Moisturizing treatments are recommended to prepare the skin for the summer and the exposure to sun and beach breeze, which is also harmful for the skin. Weight loss and toning treatments are also highly recommended due to the accumulation of toxins and fat during winter.

Nevertheless in this post I’d like to talk about cleavage care. It’s an area of the body that we start showing in spring so I wanted to share an easy and effective routine:


Day Routine

  • During the shower, face some cold water through the neck and cleavage for 3 minutes; its stimulating and energizing action reaffirms the skin tissues and muscles.
  • It’s really important to protect it from the sun with a good sunscreen and to take care of the skin with a cream enriched with anti-aging properties and vitamins. We can now find special creams designed to fight against premature aging of the neck and cleavage, but you can also use the face skincare cream you normally use if it’s serum or anti-aging, regenerative and with moisturizing properties.


Night Routine

  • If you have skin spots, apply lightening product to blend and lighten spots.
  • Do some exercises: The best time to practice the exercises that strengthen the muscles of the neck, double chin and neckline is when the skin is clean. After doing the exercises we can apply the cream, as they are stimulated and the tissue will be more receptive to the cream.
  • Cell Activity: The night cream has to be more active. Day and night are different in more ways than is strictly linked to the presence or absence of sunlight. Although it may seem the opposite, all functions of skin cell metabolism are invigorating while sleeping because the body is relaxed, so that the skin optimizes the properties of the cream.

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