Sport benefits in a healthy diet
Sport benefits in a healthy diet

Sport benefits in a healthy diet

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Tuesday November 12th, 2013

Benefits of physical exercise in a healthy diet

It is scientifically proven that doing sport during a diet, either it is a diet to lose weight, to detox or to improve your overall health, increase its effectiveness and benefits. Physical exercise is closely related to nutrition, as nutrition and sports and are inseparable when it comes to keep a healthy lifestyle.

Personalized sports routine

Like every healthy diet should be tailored to the needs and goals of each person, the exercise routine should also come recommended by an expert in personal training and fitness to know what are the best exercises for weight loss or to achieve our health goals (eg, sports can also help you sleep better).


Success Guarantee

Practising sport daily guarantees up to 90% success in a weight loss program when combined with proper diet, because it activates metabolism and increases calorie consumption at rest.

sport for weightloss

Quantity of sport recommended

If normal it is recommended to do sport about 3 times per week, during a detox diet or weight loss diet is recommended to increase the hours of exercise to about 10 a week to increase the effects of the diet. This does not have to mean making a disproportionate effort but it is recommended that 95% of sports activity is soft and light and that only 5% more intense (although, as in all sports weekly planning depends on each person).

pyhisical activity for weightloss

Multiple benefits of sport

In addition to the many and obvious physical benefits of sport as improving strength, flexibility, elasticity or muscle strengthening, sport brings many psychological benefits such as improved self-esteem, stress relief, reduce the severity of depression, etc.

Sport is also strongly recommended to control blood pressure, to get a better body posture and to strengthen the heart. The sport, as well as help you lose weight and look better physically, also helps to prevent diseases and slow the aging process.

Exercice plan for losing weight

What is your favourite sport?

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