Spiced glazed parsnips

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Thursday January 14th, 2021
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2 parsnips
1 shallot
100 ml organic agave syrup
100 ml mineral water
5 gr of star anise
10 gr. cinnamon stick
5 g coriander seeds
5 gr allspice
2 g cardamom seeds
2gr of clove
10 g of chives
10 grams of fresh rosemary
3gr parsley
Extra virgin sesame oil


Remove the leaves from the parsley and set aside.
Cut the chives and set aside.
Slice the shallot and set aside.

– Spiced agave glaze
Roast the spices in a frying pan over a very low heat for 5-8 minutes; then crush them in a mortar. In the same pan put the crushed spices, salt, mineral water and the agave syrup. Leave to simmer for 20 minutes.

– Parsnips
Peel the parsnips, dishearten them and cut them into quarters. Heat a teaspoon of sesame oil in a frying pan and fry the parsnips. Brown on both sides, add the rosemary, a pinch of salt and water and finish cooking in the oven at 180°C for 10 minutes. Check the cooking of the parsnips with the tip of a knife, once they are tender, take them out of the oven.

Place the golden parsnip on a plate with the agave glaze, decorate with the sliced shallot, parsley leaves and chives.

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Tuesday November 22nd, 2022
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