Special father´s day: the best treatment for men
Special father´s day: the best treatment for men

Special father´s day: the best treatment for men

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Tuesday March 11th, 2014
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The best treatment for men


Stress, lack of sleep and poor diet are characteristics that are more and more present in the lifestyle of today´s men. Therefore, and since Father´s Day is around the corner, we are presenting some original gift ideas for them on their day. According to the latest statistics, the concern of men for their health and physical appearance is increasing. Thus, in order to cover these new needs, we have selected some personalized options targeted at improving both the health and physical appearance of today´s men. In this manner men can choose from a wide variety of health and wellness treatments.

Among all the options for men, today we are highlighting: serotherapy, health and well-being treatments

Serotherapy, what it is and its uses.

Serotherapy is a treatment based on the intravenous application of custom serum, depending on the needs and objectives of the client, among all the options, the most requested are: serum to improve memory, reduce stress and anxiety levels, and prevent hair loss(alopecia).  Best treatments to relax 

Among the most famous relaxing treatments, we are highlighting today: shiatsu, cranio-cervical massage, relieving massage or Thai massage.  

Options for improving physical fitness

One of the options would be to take up a sport, or start going to the gym, in this sense, the ideal would be to go to a personal trainer, since he/she can recommend us a training program, specifically designed to meet our objectives and take into consideration our current physical condition.


These are some of our ideas for father to enjoy a special day, where his health and well-being are greatly improved.

What about you? What gift ideas do you have for Father´s Day? 


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